(Yet Another) Daily Dickhead: Judson Phillips

I’m sure many of you are not fans of Chris Matthews.  He’s widely criticized as a bully, loud-mouth, and part of the problem with the 24-hour news machine.

However, I really like him.  Out of all of the MSNBC shows, I like his and Rachel Maddow’s the best.  Why?  Because they both know their history.  I find Matthews to be a master at asking probing questions that often leave members of both parties embarrassed and befuddled. No, I don’t enjoy watching reporters embarrassing politicians. However, I do get some sort of sick pleasure out of watching political figures get caught misinforming the public.  Matthews is a huge history buff and to try and lie your way through an interview with him is at best as exercise in futility.

Among the many problems I have with the whole Tea Party Movement, the one that pisses me off the most is the idea that the government is our enemy.  Tea Partiers are almost anarchistic with their hatred of the US Government; their oxymoronic arguments rarely hold any sense of consistency or logic (ie: ‘Lower our taxes, but lower the deficit!’ or ‘I’m sick and poor, but don’t give me government run health insurance!’)

Last night, Judson Phillips, who is a member of the Arizona-based Tea Party Nation, proved (yet again) that the tea party makes irrelevant arguments. Matthews repeatedly asked Phillips to explain the logic behind bringing fire arms to political rallies. Phillips’ response was the tea party standard of ‘because it’s our right to’ which, clearly, does not answer the question.

This video is a must watch. It’s 6 minutes out of your life. These people are misinformed and uninformed and (therefore) dangerous. It’s important that we all understand what we are up against and why it is more important than ever to repudiate the ridiculous rhetoric coming out of their mouths by making sure we all vote.

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Sarah Palin (R-‘AK’) Keeps Talking

The fact that the Sarah Palin camp is speaking out right now to attempt to defend their careless ‘hit list’ graphics, says a lot about what type of person she truly is.

The Palin aide left with the fun job of attempting to clean up Palin’s brewing shitstorm is Rebecca Mansour. She claims “We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights. It was simply cross-hairs like you’d see on maps.” She also assures us that “there is nothing irresponsible about our graphic.”

Sorry, bitch, you lose. Sarah Palin knows exactly what she’s doing and saying (and who she’s saying it to).  In fact, after the election, Palin herself referred to the images as a ‘bullseye icon.’

I hope this is finally the beginning of the end of Palin’s public life.  It’s thoroughly frightening how far you can get in this country without having even a modicum of  integrity.

Daily Dickhead(s) Of The Year: Working Class Repooplicans

This one is a no-brainer, really..I’ll address my views on Repooplicans in 2010 later this afternoon in my weekly Mini Fred Op-Ed. I have many thoughts on the subject, obviously. No video sums up the oxymoronic beliefs of The Republican Party better than this unintentionally hilarious segment by New Left Media from earlier this year. I should clarify: Republican politicians know exactly what they’re doing..they are fully aware of the fear mongering lies they spread day after day..they also know how truly stupid the vast majority of Republican US citizens are in this country..They exploit fear and use social issues to rile up their base and if this video doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.. These nutjobs need to be ‘refudiated’ again and again..right, Sarah?

Bonus: Check out the bonus video below taped during Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor Ralley’. Scary stuff.

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