Anthony Weiner & Lloyd Doggett Mock Republicans About NPR (VIDEO)

I know this will come as a huge shock to you, but I love Anthony Weiner. He is one of the few members of the Democratic Party that has absolutely no shame whatsoever in being a progressive liberal. He’s completely unapologetic and to say it’s refreshing would be a huge understatement.

As a person that loves sarcasm and witty humor, it’s an absolute pleasure to watch Weiner in action as he exposes the current crop of Republicans for masking their cultural crusades against women, gays, minorities, public radio, PBS, and more, with the guise of cutting spending.

I’ve got 2 videos for you below. The first is the aforementioned sarcastic rant by Anthony Weiner, and the second is a succinct, direct defense of NPR by Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX); who has a few great lines of his own, including:

‘Like their continued assault on PBS, these Republicans just can’t tell the difference between Big Government and Big Bird. While they pander to Wall Street, they continue to want to terminate support to Sesame Street. All Things Considered, their attack really has nothing to do with balancing the budget it is an ideological crusade against balanced news and educational programs.’

Does Washington have a spending problem? Sure. But, as both Mr. Weiner and Mr. Doggett point out, cutting government funding of NPR is more about culture wars than cutting deficits. If fact, the Republican Party in 2011 as a whole, are more concerned with creating cultural wedges than fiscal responsibility.

One can only hope that one day, middle-class cultural conservative voters will begin to wake up and understand that they are voting against themselves when they vote for the Republican Party. As always, share videos like these with everyone you know!

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Is Amazing


Leave it to Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to succinctly explain what’s what in terms of health care.  It’s nice to see a Democrat with some spine to put Republicans in their place on national tv.  Now if my fellow Americans  could just grow half a brain to be able to decipher between fact and fable, we’ll be on our way to finally improving this country.  The health care debate is something I feel very strongly about, obviously.  In fact, the main reason I am a Democrat is because of their general stance on health care and gay/civil rights.

Watch Anthony Weiner’s typically amusing, blunt, and succinct account of Republican fact vs fiction, below.

Daily Dickhead: Glenn Beck

It pains me to even spend more than 2 seconds analyzing what comes out of self-described entertainer, Glenn Beck’s mouth, but I can’t let this one slide.

On his radio show yesterday, Beck read an email exchange between himself and Sarah Palin (R-‘AK’). The first line he decides to share with us (in response to her email) says: ‘Sarah, as you know, peace is always the answer..’ Ok, stop right there.  If peace is ‘always’ the answer, then why the incendiary, violent imagery and language?

Next, Beck says ‘I know you’re feeling the same heat, if not much more than me on this..and I want you to know you have my support..but please, look into protection for your family…an attempt on you could bring The Republic down.’

1) What ‘Republic’ is he talking about?

2) Beck is making his supporters believe that this is full on war between the two parties.  He’s making them believe that the left will retaliate…and, once again, is proving to be a huge part of the problem.

3) Why does he always have to speak with his phone sex voice while he’s speaking with or about Sarah Palin?

Take a listen to the weird segment, below.

(Yet Another) Daily Dickhead: Judson Phillips

I’m sure many of you are not fans of Chris Matthews.  He’s widely criticized as a bully, loud-mouth, and part of the problem with the 24-hour news machine.

However, I really like him.  Out of all of the MSNBC shows, I like his and Rachel Maddow’s the best.  Why?  Because they both know their history.  I find Matthews to be a master at asking probing questions that often leave members of both parties embarrassed and befuddled. No, I don’t enjoy watching reporters embarrassing politicians. However, I do get some sort of sick pleasure out of watching political figures get caught misinforming the public.  Matthews is a huge history buff and to try and lie your way through an interview with him is at best as exercise in futility.

Among the many problems I have with the whole Tea Party Movement, the one that pisses me off the most is the idea that the government is our enemy.  Tea Partiers are almost anarchistic with their hatred of the US Government; their oxymoronic arguments rarely hold any sense of consistency or logic (ie: ‘Lower our taxes, but lower the deficit!’ or ‘I’m sick and poor, but don’t give me government run health insurance!’)

Last night, Judson Phillips, who is a member of the Arizona-based Tea Party Nation, proved (yet again) that the tea party makes irrelevant arguments. Matthews repeatedly asked Phillips to explain the logic behind bringing fire arms to political rallies. Phillips’ response was the tea party standard of ‘because it’s our right to’ which, clearly, does not answer the question.

This video is a must watch. It’s 6 minutes out of your life. These people are misinformed and uninformed and (therefore) dangerous. It’s important that we all understand what we are up against and why it is more important than ever to repudiate the ridiculous rhetoric coming out of their mouths by making sure we all vote.

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