Daily Dickhead(s): Personhood Mississippi

I’m about to take a while to get to my point – so bear with me…

I tend not to look at stats very often as they relate to my numbers here on the site – mostly because I don’t want anything to ever begin to chip away at the sheer enjoyment I get out of writing every day. Though the stats do tell me some pretty interesting things about my readership, they do not break down my readership via state. However, if they did, I’m pretty sure I’d find that the state of Mississippi doesn’t hold the largest concentration of Fredheads – by any stretch.

Of the many jobs I’ve had over the years, selling wholesale body piercing jewelry to tattoo & piercing shops is definitely up there with the most random jobs I’ve ever had. I was one of the top salespeople at our company and traveled a ton for work. One of the places I traveled was – you guessed it – Mississippi.

Being smack dab in the midst of my sluttiest of slutty phases, I was warned by friends and ‘clients’ to stay away from gay bars in Mississippi because men with bats apparently like to wait outside for the gays to stumble out of the bar every night.

When I went down to MS, I stayed in Jackson and was pretty fascinated by what I witnessed while exploring the capital city. It was almost as if my civil war history textbooks from high school had been frozen in time as black people were gardening (plantation-style) on large estates in the baking summer sun. And while walking around downtown, it didn’t take long to figure out Confederate flag memorabilia was more common that a mouthful of teeth or that the n-word was readily rolling off the tongues of white people as readily as “y’all.”

But, perhaps most of all, the thing that struck me the most was the poverty. Driving around some of the most impoverished areas, you’d have sworn you were in the middle of a save-the-children commercial in Africa as opposed to the capital city of one of the 50 US states. I’ll never forget those images as long as I live.

Ever since I can remember, Mississippi has consistently ranked as the poorest and least educatated state in the union. It’s also a heavily Republican state having not voted for a Democrat since 1976.

Just yesterday, I wrote about the Republican strategy for winning elections: Religion + misinformation + stupid people = win. I’m not one to really kick people when they’re down, so I’ll refrain from calling Mississippians ‘stupid.’ Instead let me just say that the “Personhood Mississippi” initiative being voted on next week in the state REAKS of misinforming less educated people.

According to Right Wing Watch: “The proposed law would criminalize abortions without exceptions without exceptions rape, incest or health of the mother, but also potentially ban certain forms of birth control, the treatment of ectopic and problem pregnancies and in-vitro fertilization…”

Considering I’m in a totally goofy mood, I was hoping to keep the subject matter of today’s Daily Dickhead light and funny today – but this proposed law is being voted on NEXT WEEK in Mississippi and the activist in me is telling me to beat the drum of equality loud and clear for women’s rights. Share this with everyone you know and hopefully we can do our part to help educate the voters in Mississippi about what they’re REALLY voting on next week.

Watch the video below and if you’re pressed for time, fast-forward to the fourth minute for the Personhood Mississippi story.


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Daily Dickhead(s): Personhood Mississippi

Today’s Daily Dickhead honors are shared by every employee of an organization known as Personhood Mississippi; who single handedly make me want to vomit simply by placing the word ‘personhood’ with that of, the mental midget capital of the US, ‘Mississippi.’

Thanks to Personhood Mississippi, the state will be voting in the 2011 general election on whether or not abortion should be criminalized in their state; by including the following question on their ballot:

“Should the term ‘person’ be defined to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the equivalent thereof?”

(Is it me or can you imagine some one-toothed hillbilly asking people at the voting station “Ummm, exx-cuuuuuze mayyy…ummm, what does ‘thayyy-errrr uhhhvvvv’ mean?’)

And for those of you wondering how this question would impact victims of rape and sexual abuse, fear not! Personhood Mississippi has your back! Last week, they held a week long workshop entitled the “Conceived In Rape Lecture Series” and, aside from having a name which brings to mind the absolute LAST subject I’d ever want to hear a lecture about, was led by Personhood Mississippi spokesperson Rebecca Kiessling, who told her story of being conceived during rape and put up for adoption. She located her birth mother who told her that, if abortion had been legal at the time, she would’ve aborted Rebecca instead of putting her up for adoption.

Rachel Maddow caught wind of Personhood Mississippi’s pleasantly named tour and criticized them heavily, saying that the organization is ‘forcing women who are victims in rape to bear the rapist’s child’. To which Kiessling replied:

“I am not the rapist’s child! He doesn’t even know of my existence, as in most rape cases. And what an insult to the majority of rape victims who not only choose life for their child, but choose to raise their child. After everything they’ve been through, Maddow has the audacity to refer to the rape victim’s child as being ‘the rapist’s child’?! She does not speak for the majority of rape victims who express that their child has brought them healing, helping them to overcome the rape. The ones who abort are four times more likely to die within the next year. If you truly have compassion for a rape victim, you’d want to protect her from the abortion and not the baby! A baby is not the worst thing that could ever happen to a rape victim — an abortion is.”

Look, this is a really really touchy subject. But, as a survivor of rape and sexual abuse, I feel as though I can speak on the matter a little by simply saying that ALL people should have the choice to do what they want to with their own bodies. This is not a religious issue, nor should it be the issue of ANY other human being OTHER than the victims, themselves. PERIOD.

My stance is firm that whether we’re talking about gay rights or abortion rights or any other kind of rights that have to do with what OTHER people do with THEIR OWN LIVES, the law should butt-out and let people do whatever makes them comfortable. Ugh. I fucking HATE this issue and I’m so sick of people turning it into anything other than an issue between a woman and HER body.

Why anyone would WANT to live in Mississippi is beyond me, but regardless, everybody should be free to choose to do anything with their own bodies and lives that they wish to (as long as it’s not harming anyone else).

Watch Maddow’s story below.


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