The Fredhead Weekend 10: Remixes and RuBots

Every Friday, Fred Hystere sends a note to fans of the site and streams 10 of his favorite songs…aaaaaand then he takes off his pants on camera and makes up a dance to each song.

15 April 2011

Yo everyone! How you doin?

Extremely busy week here at Fred Hystere Headquarters with all of the music being sent over! It’s a great problem to have and I’m not complaining at all. Keep it comin!

I don’t have a whole lot to say this week, except to mark your calendars for 2 June for an event in NYC. I’ll leave it at that for now, but stay tuned! An exciting announcement is on the horizon! Now on to the music..

Summer feels as if it’s right around the corner and I’ve been listening to lots of hot club tunes. Some new, some old, all will get your ass moving whether it’s on the treadmill or between the sheets!

As an added bonus to the Weekend 10, I’ve included the latest edition of The Ru-Mix by one of my absolute favorite up-n-coming DJs, New York City’s own DJ Rubot! As I’ve said previously, DJ Rubot has one of the best ears for THE HOTTEST music out there right now. His latest mix is called Never Enough (Made In Brazil) and the press release is as follows:

“Never Enough (Made in Brazil) Part 4 in the Made in Brazil series moves away from the beach and the pool and back in to the nightclub. An eclectic house mix that flirts with an after-hours vibe before getting you pumped to hit the floor. Get ready to sweat with Ru-Mix: Never Enough (Made in Brazil).”

All of his continuous mixes are available to download for FREE, so please spread the word!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I’ll see you all next week!

Nakedly Yours,

Fred Hystere


The RuMix: Never Enough (Made In Brazil) FREE DOWNLOAD

DJ Rubot:!/rubhatt


The Fredhead Weekend 10:


1. Dave Aude featuring Sisely Treasure “Dancin Circles”



2. She’s The Queen “Sleepwalker’s Curse (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)” FREE DOWNLOAD



3. Inna “Hot (Daz Baily Club Vocal)” FREE DOWNLOAD



4. Nitrous Oxide featuring Aneym “Follow You (Club Mix)”



5. Sirens “Good Enough (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)”



6. Jade Ewen “My Man (Club Mix)” FREE DOWNLOAD



7. Breakage featuring Jess Mills “Fighting Fire”



8. Kaci Battaglia “Can’t Help Myself (Almighty Extended Club Mix)”



9. Tyson “Out Of My Mind (Swiss Dance Remix)” FREE DOWNLOAD



10. Tarmo featuring AC “Sun and Sea (Club Mix)”





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