#2 Album of 2010: Gypsy & The Cat ‘Gilgamesh’

After vacillating for days between whether or not Gypsy & The Cat’s debut album would be my #1 or #2 album of 2010, I have decided to give them the #2 spot..However, if I were making a list of albums that I think my readers would love the most, I would’ve made ‘Gilgamesh’ the Album of the Year. This album has become such a big part of my life that I feel guilty having relegated it to the #2 spot on my countdown.

It was a very close call mostly because I think this album is the best debut album by a band in years and I wholeheartedly mean that. Gypsy & The Cat are a London based Australian DJ duo whose sound is equal parts Fleetwood Mac and Beach Boys, but still very much their own. They are somehow able to sound derivative and original at the same time. However, what I think I appreciate the most about Gilgamesh, is the albums ability to allow one to daydream at any given moment during the 24 hours in a day..I can wake up and play the album to start my day just as easily as I can listen to it before I go to bed.

The album crosses through many genres, but always stays nice and comfy in a place where pop, rock, electronic music, and country collide. How often can you really say that about any album? Bands work for years and years to achieve what Gypsy & The Cat have done on their first album. Please, please, please buy this album and see for yourself. I promise that just about each and every one of you that decides to take the plunge and buy ‘Gilgamesh’ will have it on repeat for months. I know I have. Check out the cute video below for lead single, Time To Wander.

#3 Album of 2010: Nina Kinert ‘Red Leader Dream’

We’re almost to the end of my list..My top 3 albums were so difficult to rank, because all 3 of them are amazing in their own right..#3 is the latest album from (ridiculously beautiful) Swedish songstress, Nina Kinert..Never heard of her? Neither had I.

‘Red Leader Dream’ is Nina’s fourth album and I can honestly say that I’ve never even heard the other three..The story behind her latest album is admittedly a little strange..Nina was in a very serious accident and was forced to have metal rails placed in her back..While she was in the hospital, she watched nothing but Star Wars..and, believe it or not, the rest is history..Nina’s inspiration behind Red Leader Dream is, indeed, Star Wars and she describes the album as ‘a true science fiction epic about love, hope and adventure viewed through a fantasy filter.’ If that sounds weird, that’s because it is. However, don’t let that dissuade you from listening to the epic beauty that is Red Leader Dream. Those who know me well, know that I hate sci-fi anything, but Nina’s voice is pure magic and up there with the best voices I’ve ever heard. Luckily, her lyrics are incredibly versatile and can be applied to everyday life just as much as..umm..the next Star Wars movie.

Her sound reminds me of everything from a darker, more talented version of Lykke Li, to Julia Fordham, to even possibly a very tiny slice of Siouxsie & The Banshees. The musicianship on the album is superb; every song has a ton of layers. Between that, her angelic voice, and some high quality headphones, you will be transported to her own self-described fantasy world. Oh and just in case you had any doubt about her credentials as an artist, she wrote, recorded, produced, and released the entire album all on her own. She describes the whole process as exhausting and sometimes lonely, but luckily she has channeled every emotion into her own ethereal masterpiece with Red Leader Dream.

It’s impossible to pick and choose which songs to download off the album but, since you’re all so fucking picky, download these: Play The World, Down On Heaven, Push It, My Girl, Original Sin, and (my favorite) 25.


#11 Album of 2010: Rumer ‘Seasons Of My Soul’

In a word: wow. I feel terrible having Rumer’s debut album so low on my list, as it’s fucking fantastic. No album got more airplay from me in the sack in 2010. Before you assume that I’m making a crude sex reference, slow your roll..I’m single..What I mean is Rumer’s album has the type of soothing effect that is able to happily lull me to sleep every night. After a long stressful day, put Seasons Of My Soul on, and let her voice massage even the deepest of headaches out of your body. Her voice makes you think of relaxing, rainy days, daydreaming, and sex all at the same time…

Plus I’m a sucker for anything Bacharach-inspired with a female vocal. Songs like Slow, Aretha, and Goodbye Girl sound as if they were made to be on the soundtrack for the Peter Seller’s movies of the 1960s..but they also fit in perfectly in 2010. Fans of Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, Carole King, etc will be all over Seasons Of My Soul.

Do yourself a favor and buy the entire album, but first check out her video for the gorgeous single, Slow.

#14 Album of 2010: Paris Wells ‘Various Small Fires’

My #14 album of the year comes from Down Under.

Paris Wells is someone that, with the right promotion, deserves to be on pop radio all over the world. She sort of looks like the lovechild of Pink and Esthero and sounds like a more upbeat, jazzy version of Sia; but she has a sound all her own that mixes elements of pop, hip hop, rock, and even jazz into something fun fun fun.

She’s got clever lyrics and every song is full of hooks. I’m going to assume that Paris is working with a low budget as, currently, there are no music videos supporting the release of her 2nd album, Various Small Fires.

One of my absolute faves is ‘Through n Through’ which Paris recently performed on the Sunrise Morning Show (I’ll just pretend I know what that is). Anyway, have a listen as I’m pretty sure many of you will dig Paris and her sound.

Download these: Jenny, Let’s Get It Started, How Many Moons, and Goldie.

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