Daily Tune: Alvin Risk ‘Someone’

Time to introduce you all to a relatively new artist named Alvin Risk. Alvin is a DC-based singer, songwriter, producer, and remixer who is also the sister of up-and-coming electro goddess, Allie Alvarado (aka Painted Face). In fact, Alvin produced his sister’s sick debut EP, Undreamt.

But, we can and will talk about Allie another time. For today, let’s focus on Alvin. His 4-track EP is one of the more exciting things I’ve heard in dance music in a long time. Not because of originality, but because of cohesion. Alvin has the full package of gorgeous voice, introspective lyrics, hot production, and again, sick sick sick beats. His voice reminds me of a softer Blake Lewis, and his music fits right in with the whole Penguin Prison style that’s getting a lot of press these days. However, where I think Alvin may surpass all of them is in the layers throughout each his songs. Music likes his begs to be listened to with headphones on in order to get the full effect.

His debut EP is indie house music at it’s finest and highly recommended. It’s also available for F-R-E-E on his website in exchange for a shout-out via Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’m going to give you links to both his and his sister’s website, below. While you’re on his website, be sure to check out free-remixes he’s done for artists such as Laura Veir, Designer Drugs, and Glass Candy to name a few.

My favorite song on the EP is called Someone. It’s full of disco-ready beats, longing lyrics, and impeccable production. Let’s all do a favor and spread the word about both of them. Alvin’s talent is just what we need in a country that is sorely lacking in the male-singer-who-makes-house-music department.




Alvin Risk ‘Someone’

Daily Tune: Lykke Li ‘I Follow Rivers’

I’ve had somewhat of a love/hate relationship with Swedish songstress, Lykke Li, over the last few years. I want to like her music a lot more than I do. What usually prevents me from enjoying her music more is her voice; which can grate at times. However, when the beats are more pronounced and when she uses her lower register to sing, she’s great.

My favorite song off her up-and-down debut album, Youth Stories, was ‘I’m Good, I’m Gone.’ That song had both immediate hooks and beats. Thankfully, I Follow Rivers (which is the 2nd single off her upcoming album), is every bit as good as ‘I’m Good, I’m Gone.’ Great hook, great vocals, great beat, etc.

Her 2nd album, Wounded Rhymes, drops on 1 March on her own label, LL Recordings. I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing!


Lykke Li ‘I Follow Rivers’

Daily Tune: Duran Duran ‘Girl Panic’

Girl Panic is a song off Duran Duran’s excellent new album, All You Need Is Love.   I’ve always been a passing fan of Duran Duran; but never a fanatic.  I’ve heard every single one of their albums, but none of them in my opinion are classics.  Their collection of singles over the years, however, is amazing and their new album is probably the best album they’ve released since the height of their fame in the early 80s.  ‘All You Need Is Now’ shows just how it is to find the right producer (in this case Mark Ronson).

‘Girl Panic’ deserves to be a single.  If and when it does become a single, it should rank up there with one of their best.  Horns + hooks + girls = the perfect Duran Duran song.  Check it out, below.  Then buy their album.  If you’re a fan from the old days, you’ll be all over it.

Daily Vid: The Dø ‘Slippery Slope’

Today’s (awesome) Daily Vid comes from a Finnish and French folk/pop duo named, The Dø.

The Dø have been making music for a few years and released their debut US album in April of 2010 on Six Degrees Records. They’ve definitely got their own sound that recalls everyone from a less-immediate Feist to Ivy to Kings of Convenience and even Bjork.

I’m still trying to figure out what I think about their latest album, Slippery Slope..It’s a difficult album to get into, but I’m pretty determined. I feel like the foundation is there for a great album..however, they may be lacking a tad in the ‘hooks’ department..I’m going to keep listening to the album, though..I really want to love them.

Check out the video for Slippery Slope below. It’s a great song and video. PS: Lead singer, Olivia Merilahti, is GORGEOUS!




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