Daily Tune: The Pierces ‘You’ll Be Mine’

Let the revival of The Mamas & the Papas begin! Today’s Daily Tune is from NYC-based sisters, Catherine & Allison Pierce, and their new single ‘You’ll Be Mine’. Over the last couple of weeks no song has gotten more airplay on any of my various music listening devices, than this gorgeously obvious homage to late-60s folk music. In short, you MUST listen to this song. I absolutely, categorically defy any of you to listen to this song a few times and not be completely hooked!

The Pierces have been releasing music for over a decade and grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. They were raised by hippie parents and their music has been featured in shows such as Gossip Girl and Dexter; so you may have already heard their music and not known it was them. I’ve known about them for years and always had the feeling that they were one song away from hitting the big time.

The last few years have seen The Pierces release their third album, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge, and a few EPs. You’ll Be Mine is the title track to their upcoming EP and I really hope that they have turned a corner with its release, as I am a H-U-G-E fan of The Mamas & the Papas and had been wondering for years why there hadn’t yet been a revival of that gorgeous sound.

Be sure to take a look at The Pierces new video for You’ll Be Mine and keep an eye open for their new EP of the same name, hitting stores 7 March on Lizard King Records.







The Hotness: Mother Mother, Mr. Little Jeans, Adele

The Hotness is your daily look at 3 new songs that are amazing, essential, and are sure to make you horny. Ok, the last part isn’t necessarily true. But if you don’t like at least one of these three songs, you need to check 1) Your testosterone levels 2) Your estrogen levels 3) Your hearing.

Mother Mother are a 5-piece Canadian band, based in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Their 3rd album, Eureka, is set to hit stores on 15 March and I’m absolutely loving it. The dueling male-female vocals will remind some of a much more playful version of fellow Canadians, Star, but they remind me of now-defunct 90s band, That Dog (minus the violins), and do powerpop better than just about anyone out there; using a whole range of different instruments to create their fun-as-fuck sound. I’ve been all over their latest album, and I highly recommend it to anyone who longs for the days of 90s powerpop perfected by Imperial Teen, and others. My favorite song is called, Problems, and you can check it out below. Eureka is out 15 March on Last Gang Records, which has released albums by Metric, The New Pornographers, Crystal Castles, Chromeo, and Fan Death (among others).


Mr. Little Jeans is the moniker of Norwegian solo artist, Monica Birkenes. Her music sounds sort of like a more organic version of fellow Norwegian singer, Annie, and also Kylie Minogue.  In the last few years, she’s been getting lots of viral buzz by releasing such gems as Angel, Faking Gold, Stones in the Attic, and (my favorite) Rescue, which you may recognize from HP’s latest commercials. She’s currently in the studio, working on her debut album with super-producer, Greg Kurstin, of Lily Allen fame (among others) and should be released sometime in 2011 on Neon Gold Records.


Adele‘s new album, 21, is the album of the year, thus far, in my opinion. For anyone that has been through heartache, for anyone that loves old souls, for anyone that loves timeless piano driven music, and for anyone that loves a powerful female vocal, you need to hear this album. Rumour Has It is the 2nd track on the album, and one of my favorites. It’s a pretty obvious choice as a single in the future and should easily be #1 when it’s released. 21 is out now on XL/Columbia.




      Mother Mother 'Problems'



      Mr. Little Jeans 'Rescue'



      Adele 'Rumour Has It'


Daily Tune: Keren Ann ‘My Name Is Trouble’

Keren Ann is an Israeli-born singer–songwriter that has just released her sixth solo album, 101 on EMI. Aside from being a lucky bitch with residences in Paris, Tel Aviv, and New York, Keren Ann is also one of the most amazing talents that you’ve likely never heard of (at least here in the US). Her voice is pure beauty and most of her music is laden with keyboards and lounge-y guitars that fit in perfectly with my obsession of music-to-daydream-to.

Today’s Daily Tune is also the first single and video from 101, and it’s called My Name Is Trouble.  I’m pretty sure that many of you will eat this right up and have it on repeat for a few days; I can’t get enough of it. The song reminds me of what I love most about Keren Ann, which is her ability to make me close my eyes and imagine myself on a train looking out the window at the countryside of some western European country.

Prepare to be entranced by this song and definitely do your part by picking up Keren Ann’s new album, 101. My Name Is Trouble is my favorite song on the album, but the whole thing is worth dissecting and obsessing over.




      Keren Ann 'My Name Is Trouble'

The Hotness: Return To Mono, Souvenir, & Designer Drugs featuring Annie

The Hotness is your daily look at 3 new songs that are amazing, essential, and are sure to make you horny. Ok, the last part isn’t necessarily true. But if you don’t like at least one of these three songs, you need to check 1) Your testosterone levels 2) Your estrogen levels 3) Your hearing.

Return To Mono are the latest synthtastic group sending me into eargasm. The San Francisco trio makes songs full of crunch, atmosphere, and, of course, synth. Their new album Framebreaker is hot as shit and lead singer Tanya Kelleher’s vocals place her in vixen territory with the likes of my Goddess, Shirley Manson (among others). I highly recommend their latest album, Framebreaker, which is out now on Audio Villain.


Souvenir are from Spain and I am addicted to their latest album, Travelogues. I’ve only just discovered the band, but they have been around for years and this is their 6th album!  They remind me a bit of a more loungey version of Hooverphonic, but more diverse and happy. Lead singer Patricia de la Fuenta reminds me of French electroclashtress, Miss Kittin, with that sexy vocal purr of hers. Many of their songs are sung in French, but Taboo is in English and one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while. Their new album, Travelogues, is out now on Jabalina Musica.


Designer Drugs are the NYC-based DJ/Production duo of Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson. They first landed on my map a few years ago when they remixed Norweign dance diva, Annie’s amazing single Antonio. After years of churning out some of THE HOTTEST house remixes you’ll find anywhere in the world, they’ve finally released their debut album, Hardcore/Softcore, and it is S-I-C-K! Check out their latest track featuring Annie on vocals, below. Then pick up Hardcore/Softcore, out now on Ultra Records.



1. Return to Mono ‘Framebreaker’


2. Souvenir ‘Taboo’


3. Designer Drugs featuring Annie ‘Crazy For You’

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