Artist Of The Day: Teeth “Care Bear” (VIDEO)

Teeth are a noisy pop trio from the UK consisting of lead singer Veronica So, drummer Simon Whybray and Ximon Tayki on ‘electronics’. I’ve been an on and off fan of theirs for the last year or so and was thoroughly obsessed with Dreamtrak’s SICK remix of Teeth’s single “See Spaces” when it came out last year.

It’s tough to get a beat on what Teeth’s sound *is* and, to back up that fact, one only has to look as far as the word ‘WHATEVER’ which they use to answer the question ‘What’s your genre’ on their Facebook fan page. But if you need a point of reference for a band that Teeth sound like, think Blonde Redhead covering The Pixies with lots of screaming and fun production.

The band’s debut album is due out sometime in September, but they’ve just released the music video for their new single “Care Bear” and it’s pretty difficult not to fall in love with. My favorite video so far this year is Kimbra’s “Cameo Lover” but Teeth may end up surpassing that song if I stay as addicted to “Care Bear” as I’ve become in the last week or so. Hilarious and loads of fun.

*Teeth’s new single “Care Bear” is out now and their debut album will be out 19 September via Moshi Moshi Records.!/T3ETH

Teeth “Care Bear”

Artist Of The Day: Bag Raiders “Not Over” (VIDEO)

Australian musical magicians, Bag Raiders, take today’s Artist Of The Day honors thanks to their awesome new video for their ace new single “Not Over”.

I’ve written about Bag Raiders before and, in fact, their self-titled debut album was my #21 on my Top 25 Albums Of 2010 tally. “Not Over” is definitely one of my favorite songs off the album and I’m glad it’s been given the single treatment, but I’m totally shocked that these guys haven’t blown up into the mainstream in the way I thought they would.

While I realize that there are tons of bands out there making the type of music that Bag Raiders make, few of them are able to keep up the quality of song throughout the course of a full album the way these guys do. I’d put their production up against anyone else’s in the biz right now and their hooks have been so engrained in my head for weeks on end, that I’ve practically been on my knees begging to be released from their clutches. Ok, fine, maybe I’m being melodramatic..but you get the point. These dudes rock and you’d be strongly advised to give their music a chance.

Watch the video for “Not Over” and get into it!

*Bag Raiders’ self-titled debut album is out now via Modular Recordings.!/bag_raiders

Bag Raiders “Not Over”

Artist Of The Day: Ninca Leece “On Top Of The World” (VIDEO)

I’ve been a big fan of French singer Ninca Leece’s debut album “There Is No One Else When I Lay Down And Dream” for quite some time; so to name her as my Artist Of The Day is longggggggggg overdue. Her sound is equal parts Bjork and Miss Kittin, but much more lighthearted and fun than either of those two wonderful artists.

For years, Ninca has contributed her writing to soundtracks and other artists all over the world, which explains why her music, while steeped in electropop, also includes elements of jazz, synthpop, house and even bossa nova into the mix.

My favorite track on the album is called “On Top Of The World”, but believe me when I say that the entire album is worth more than a few daydreams. Quirky, fun, creative and worth your time, for sure. Enjoy!

Check out her video for “On Top Of The World” below!

*Ninca Leece’s debut album “There Is No One Else When I Lay Down And Dream” is out now via Bureau B.


Ninca Leece “On  Top Of The World”

Artist Of The Day: Creature “So High” (VIDEO)

Back in the days when MTV was actually fulfilling the “M” in their name, Montreal-based quartet Creature would’ve had a Buzz Clip and top 10 hit at Modern Rock radio with their latest single “So High”.

The band is made up of lead singer Kim Ho and Lisa Ivy, Sid Z and Meli Mae and their sound is right up there with some of my favorite bands, such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Metric. (In fact “So High” is the type of hit song that has eluded the Yeah Yeah Yeahs thus far..and that’s coming from a massive Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan!). In the music video for “So High” lead singer Kim has just the right amount of sex appeal to pretty much keep the focus on her as she flirts with zombies, while wearing a sexy tight vinyl dress.

While the band has been around since 2004, they’ve only released one album back in 2008 on a small indie label in Canada. They’ve since been signed to Universal, which will be releasing their hotly anticipated 2nd album “Sick Imagination” sometime this summer, though no release date has been announced.

You absolutely NEED to check out Creature’s new video for “So High”. I’m pretty positive that over 90% of you will dig it. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted when the album comes out.

*Creature’s 2nd album “Sick Imagination” will be out this summer via Universal Records.!/creatureband


Creature “So High”

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