VIDEO PREMIERE: Mint Julep “To The Sea”

I’ve been all over Mint Julep‘s latest album, Save Your Season, since its release in late November of last year.

A few weeks ago, you may remember that I featured my favorite track off the album, To The Sea. Well, do I have a good ear or what? To The Sea has just been released as the 3rd single off Save Your Season and if you haven’t heard it yet, you need to. Holly’s breathy vocal + dark synthy beat + a hook that won’t quit = get into it.

Watch the (typically amazing) video for To The Sea below.

*Mint Julep’s new album, Save Your Season, is out now via Village Green/Unseen Music.


Mint Julep “To The Sea”

VIDEO PREMIERE: Selebrities “Night Heat”

Selebrities is a Brooklyn-based synth-y new wave trio signed to Cascine, and comprised of lead singer Maria Usbeck, Jer Robert Paulin and Max Peterson.

You may remember that I wrote about Selebrities last year upon the release of their Joy Division-y debut album, Delusions. That album brought me back to the days of rainy summer nights in the English countryside with my family that were pretty much a staple of my childhood. Any band that’s able to help bring back those memories has an instant place in my heart.

I think one of the marks of true songwriting talent lies in the amount of different genres a band is able to successfully dress their music up with. If last time Selebrities brought us old school New Order and Joy Division, this time we’re getting some Slowdive mixed in with a little Siouxsie Sioux – thanks to Maria’s personality-infused singing on new single, Night Heat.

I’ve been dying to write about Night Heat for probably close to a month but had to wait until it was probably released to the media before saying anything. Out of every song I’ve listened to this year, Night Heat has received more airplay than any other. Interestingly, it’s not as immediate of an ear-grab as many of the other songs I’ve been listening to of late; but maybe it’s that slow burning effect which makes it so great.

Either way, Night Heat is hands down my favorite song of the last few months. Check out the video below.

*Selebrities’s new single, Night Heat, is out 20 March via Cascine.


Selebrities “Night Heat”

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jessie Ware “Running”

Jessie Ware is a London-based singer songwriter who is nothing short of a star in the making.

The trend these days is for new solo artists to spend some time recording guest vocals for various dance producers before coming out with records of their own (Clare Maguire, Cocknbullkid, etc). The Jessie Ware marketing strategy seems to be the same.

She came onto my map last year as a guest vocalist on SBTRKT’s excellent single, Nervous, and since then has featured on a handful of great tracks.  Jessie’s sound is steeped in sultry mid-90s R&B, i.e., the last era of R&B that I gave a shit about. Out of every up-n-coming solo artist I’ve written about in the last couple of years, Jessie’s talent has me as excited as anyone else’s – and you only need one listen to her SIIIIIICK new single “Running” to figure out why. “Running” sounds like Sade singing an Aaliyah track remixed by TLC’s “Red Light Special.” If that doesn’t turn you on, you have no soul.

Check out Jessie Ware’s slinky video for “Running” below.

*Jessie Ware’s debut album will be out in the next few months.


Jessie Ware “Running”


VIDEO PREMIERE: Cassie “King Of Hearts”

Cassie is the recording moniker of NYC-based solo artist, Cassandra Ventura. She was born in New London, CT – which is about an hour or so north of where I grew up.

I tend not to spend too much time writing about major label artists with huge recording budgets such as Cassie, mostly because there are so many artists without fancy gimmicks behind them; making music that goes largely unnoticed. However, good music is good music and Cassie’s latest single “King Of Hearts” ticks all of the boxes in my love of sexy sweet dance pop.

I had to look up Cassie’s music because, though I knew I’d heard of her, I wasn’t quite sure how or where. I came across her slinky hit single from 2006, Me & U, which either topped the pop charts or came pretty close. I don’t pay attention to what gets played on the radio these days, but I do remember that song was everywhere.

Fast forward 6 years later, and Cassie is finally ready to release the follow-up to her top 5 charting self-titled debut. I have no clue if the rest of the record will be as good as King Of Hearts, but here’s hoping; because this song is probably my favorite pop jam I’ve heard all year. Oh and the video? Awesome. Cassie is beyond gorgeous; effortlessly pulling off the same type of sex appeal that seems forced from some of her peers, i.e., Rihanna.

Check out the video for “King Of Hearts” below.

*Cassie’s 2nd album, Electro Love, will be out in May via Bad Boy/Interscope.


Cassie “King Of Hearts”

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