Daily Dickhead: Michele ‘I Can’t Read’ Bachmann (R-MN)

This week my Daily Dickheads have all been low-hanging fruit, mostly because I was somewhat pressed for time this past weekend and didn’t have the time to do a ton of reading and research. So, I’ve had to go after people like Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh, two people that I consider low-hanging dick fruit. (Insert testicle joke here).

The two shows I always try not to miss on the weekends are Meet The Press and 60 Minutes. Out of the two, Meet The Press is always easy fodder if you’re looking for a dickhead and, well true to form, they had dickheads-a-plenty on the program last weekend.

But let’s be clear, it almost doesn’t matter who else is on the show when there’s an appearance by Queen Asshole herself, Michele Bachmann. Bachmann is the most scary, dangerous, and truly bizarre lawmaker in Washington; which is really saying a lot. The bitch is more than a couple of pancakes short of a stack, loco, cuckoo, loony, and D) all of the above.

With Bachmann, you get the sense that it never really matters what the answer to a question is because she’s always going to respond mesmerized with memorized talking-points, and last weekend was no different. No matter how many different questions David Gregory asked her, Bachmann’s answer always included a variation of ‘Well, I don’t know about that, David…but what I DO know, is that the President needs to give the $105 Billion that he hid in Obamacare.’

Note: The $105 Billion that Bachmann is talking about was already appropriated IN the healthcare legislation which means a few things: 1) Bachmann didn’t read the bill 2) Bachmann is being deceptive and 3) She’s a liar. Need more proof? Just see what some of her fellow Republicans are saying about the same issue:

‘Alec Vachon, a former Republican congressional staffer:
“It’s a bill — the text is public! Is Congresswoman Bachmann saying there are no House Republicans, members or staff, who can read a bill?” [Politifact, 3/8]

Steve Ellis, Taxpayers for Common Sense:

“I’m not saying that everybody knew everything that was in the health care bill, because it’s almost impossible to do that. But it was documented that the money was in there. Shame on them if they didn’t know that.” [Politifact, 3/8]
Senior GOP Official:

A senior GOP official also told Fox News that “there are revenue streams” mandated for most of the programs, but they don’t add up to $105 billion as Bachmann claims. “It’s wrong,” the official said, adding that, besides, “no Congress can bind a future Congress.” The official also disputed the charge that the money was hidden. [FOX, 3/8]’

There’s been a lot of coverage about Bachmann’s latest deception, but my favorite was on Chris Matthews’ show on Monday. Watch it below:

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Daily Dickhead: Greg (Red-Eye) Gutfield

Greg Gutfield of The O’Reilly Factor (and Red-Eye) is today’s Daily Dickhead.  The other night, Gutfield decided to poke fun at Lawrence O’Donnell and his new MSNBC show, The Last Word. Gutfield showed a series of out-of-context clips of O’Donnell saying various absurd things and made it seem as though O’Donnell was racist, among other things.

I’m not a huge fan of Lawrence O’Donnell, and I’m all for poking fun at people, obviously. However, Fox ‘News’ viewers are by and large some of the least educated and most gullible people on the planet. They will believe anything. And while I’m all about jokes, one of the biggest sources of my frustration with Fox ‘News’, is that they are fully aware that everything they say is an exaggeration of the truth, and let their audience believe their lies.

I was watching the show when it happened (I know, I know) and even the commentary that followed made the viewer think that everything O’Donnell was saying was completely in context. At no point did Gutfield say he was ‘kidding’ or make it seem as though he was. He knows the audience of the O’Reilly Factor is largely moronic and will believe anything he says, yet made no attempt whatsoever to make it seem as if his segment was done in jest.

PS: Should someone inform Greg that the name of his other show, Red-Eye, is an acronym for ‘butthole?’ Just sayin.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

Rachel Maddow + Ex-gay Richard Cohen =

fucking hilarious interview. I posted this a while back, but I watched the interview again last night, as it figures prominently in a story I’m putting together about about ‘ex-gay’ people. Unintentionally hilariously frightening stuff.

Before you watch the interview, watch the CNN segment about this whackjob from 2006:

Rachel’s interview is long, but soooooo worth it, I promise!

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Congressman Steve King (R-IA)..

..is up there with being one of the biggest dickheads in modern times.

My close friends know me to be an extremely passionate and compassionate person.  I enjoy sensible debate. Very much. In 2011, there is no such thing as ‘sensible debate’ anymore and the right-wing is to blame.  We are more polarized as a country than we’ve ever been since I was born back in 1978; and I’d submit to you that the main reason behind this is that we have a President who is half black and has Hussein as his middle name.  

The chief motivation to unseat Barack Obama as our President is his race.  If he were white there would be nowhere near the amount of ridiculous conspiracy theories that there seems to be about him. Just to recap, right wingers have accused the President  of not being Christian, being Muslim, not being born in this country, and much much more. .anddddd, disturbingly as you will see in the clip below, congressmen like Steve King of Iowa are perpetuating every single one of these falsehoods to their constituents and just anyone else dumb enough to listen.

As somebody who is not a fan of religion at all, I’m so deeply troubled by the amount of bible thumpers that seem to be so focused on creating a country full of ONLY Christians. This country has become a place where everybody feels entitled to their own facts.  Whatever happened to the separation between church and state?  Who CARES if the President isn’t a Christian? He has that right! He’s a US citizen.  

While I’m not a fan of Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, I have enjoyed seeing him as a guest on other people’s shows; I just can’t sit there and watch him for a full hour.  However, I do like how balanced he tends to be.  He yells at Democrats just as loudly as he does to Steve King during this interview.  Steve King is a liar and one of the worst guys in politics today. He gets an A+ as a racist scumbag and an honorable mention as today’s Daily Dickead.

Watch this video and spread the word. King is yet another person that needs to be exposed as the dangerous extreme politician that he is.

When you’re done watching the video, take a look at this article over at Mother Jones about King’s efforts to cut federal funding of Planned Parenthood: http://motherjones.com/mojo/2011/02/rep-steve-king-pledges-smackdown-planned-parenthood

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