Artist Spotlight: Selebrities

Selebrities are a Brooklyn-based trio comprised of Max, Jer, & Maria whose music is best described as the lovechild between 1984 Madonna, Joy Division and New Order. In my opinion, considering all 3 of those artists/bands are pretty much sacred, anyone who has that sound had better hit a homerun with it. Well, luckily for us, Selebrities know exactly what they’re doing to the point that you may legitimately think that their music was made back in 1983.

Although I was all of 5 years old back in 1983, that period in music history is quite possibly my favorite, mostly because I love the dichotomy of dancing my face off while singing depressing lyrics. Many bands who attempt to recreate that era end up overproducing their music, but the production on every song on Selebrities’ soon-to-be-released debut album, Delusions, is flawless. They seriously do their influences proud and don’t be shocked when you find Delusions ranked as one of my albums of the year.

Cascine + Selebrities = Eargasm for Fred

Check out the video for the new single by Selebrities entitled “Can’t Make Up My Mind” and then be on the lookout for their debut album, Delusions, which hits stores 17 May on Cascine.!/Selebrities


*You can download “Can’t Make Up My Mind” for FREE via the link below!


Selebrities “Can’t Make Up My Mind”



Can’t Make Up My Mind from Selebrities on Vimeo.

The Hotness: Binary Records featuring Keenhouse, LexiconDon, Joypopp

This week we’re doing things a little differently on The Hotness. While we will still feature 3 songs that are sure to make you horny, everyday those songs will belong to one of the 4 up-and-coming record labels that are among Fred Hystere’s favorites. At a time of uncertainty in the music industry, these labels are some of the select few that are doing it right thanks to 3 things: consistent quality, visionary thinking, and (most importantly) their passion for the artists they’re working with along the music those artists release. Today’s artists are all members of LA-based Binary Records.

Binary Records is part of Binary Entertainment which is comprised of a bunch of  artists, DJs, and producers all working together to create easily the best disco, dance, and chillwave music you’ll hear anywhere right now. The minute that I decided to give a shout out to some of my favorite labels, I knew Binary would be one of them and I have been itching to write about the three artists that you’re about to meet. All three of them continue the trend of blending good times with introspection and, like most artists signed to Binary, I take their music with me EVERYWHERE I go!


Keenhouse is the solo project of artist Ken Rangkuty, who is an absolute master when it comes to creating dreamy, groovy synthpop. His first album, Civic Transit, was the soundtrack to my summer a few years ago and remains one of my first choices anytime I head to the beach to escape the rest of the world. He recently lent his vocals to Futurecop!’s track, Dreams, and the result is goosebumpingly incredible and easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard so far in 2011. In fact, I’ve listened to this song more than any other so far in 2011 and I don’t anticipate that trend slowing down anytime soon. I honestly have to thank these guys personally for getting me out of bed as recently as this past Monday morning, as I was feeling a little bummed about my slutty-by-my-standards weekend. It turns out all I needed to hear was a sick beat and the words ‘Up is the only way!’ and I haven’t looked back since. YOU NEED TO BUY THIS SONG! NOWWWWWWW!

*Futurecop!’s latest single, Dreams featuring Keenhouse, is out now on Binary Records.


Futurecop! featuring Keenhouse “Dreams”



LexiconDon is an LA-based band made up of singer-songwriter Alex Koons, producer-keyboardist Fabian Ordorica, drummer Matteo Eyia, and guitarist Sam Gabbard. I was a little late to the LexiconDon party train, having only purchased their debut album, Pink + Blue, in January of this year. To say I’ve been hooked since then would be like simply saying I *kind-of* want to have sex with James Franco. LexiconDon merge genres of music as well as anyone making music right now and their blend of new wave, synthpop, rock, funk, dance, and more, is the kind of stuff that Brandon Flowers would give his left nut for; while their effortless strut rivals current disco kings, Holy Ghost.  Their lyrics are introspective and emotional one minute and party central the next. It was very difficult for me to choose one song off their essential debut album, Pink + Blue, so I’ve chosen two! Check out the inexplicably-makes-me-horny jam Heart Attack, and then the straight-out-of-a-John Hughes-film (and also makes me horny), Hot Love.

*LexiconDon’s debut album, Pink + Blue, is out now on Binary Records.


LexiconDon “Heart Attack”



LexiconDon “Hot Love”



Joypopp are the newest addition to the Binary family and I’ve been waiting to write about them for quite some time as well. While Joypopp are a bit of a change of pace for Binary with their dreamy female vocals, they fit in beautifully with the rest of the label’s acts. The first song I ever heard by Joypopp was called Six To Six and was a little more upbeat than their next two songs,  but I’ve connected on a personal level with both Desire and Volupté in a way that I don’t know if I ever want to fully explain. Joypopp are French and one of my favorite and most heartbreaking trips I’ve ever taken was with an ex of mine to (my favorite country) France a few years back and I’ll leave it at that.  Suffice to say I am ecstatic (no pun intended) over the news that Binary Records will be releasing Joypopp’s debut EP in just a few weeks’ time.

*Joypopp’s debut EP, Ecstatic, is out 9 May on Binary Records.


Joypopp “Volupté”

Daily Tune: NightWaves “Sweet Carrie” (VIDEO)

NightWaves continue Binary Entertainment Day here on Fred Hystere with their luscious pop morsel (who says that?) and today’s Daily Tune, “Sweet Carrie”.

While “Sweet Carrie” is about a year old at this point (the song, not the person), it’s probably new to most of you and a song that I’m pretty sure many of you will like. A common thread throughout many of Binary Entertainment’s artists is their complete mastery of creating songs that should’ve been on soundtracks to EVERY John Hughes film in the 80s. NightWaves are no different in that regard, which you’ll hear and see while watching their video for Sweet Carrie in a minute.

NightWaves are comprised of Josh Legg, Kyle Peterson and Dave Ubina.  Interestingly enough, Sweet Carrie doesn’t really sound like any of the other songs they’ve released thus far. Most of their tunes are full of 80s-style bleeps, atmospheric beats and sexy, smooth vocals, but Sweet Carrie is less electronics and a little more straight ahead rock. And, like most great songs, I can imagine Sweet Carrie as everything from a dance anthem to a stripped down country song (mostly because of the vocals).

On the remix front, NightWaves remixes are some of the best I’ve heard in the last year or so and their remix of Noah and the Whale’s gorgeous “Love Of An Orchestra” is something special. And just as NightWaves are quite handy remixing other poeple’s music, many of my favorites have also had their way with NightWaves’s music, and the remixes of Sweet Carrie are all great! If I had to choose a favorite remix of Sweet Carrie, it’d have to be the one done by the almost-always-amazing Robots With Rayguns. I’ve included the remix for you below, which you should listen to *after* watching the video for the yummy original.

Word on the street is that NightWaves have begun working on their debut album and, like everything released by Binary and Nightwaves, I will be alllllllll over it!

PS: How great is the artwork on the single for Sweet Carrie? Gorgeous.

*NightWaves’ single “Sweet Carrie” is out now on Binary Records.


NightWaves “Sweet Carrie (Robots With Rayguns Remix)” FREE DOWNLOAD

Daily Tune: Anna Abreu “Hysteria” (VIDEO)

Today’s Daily Tune is from a Finnish pop songstress named Anna Abreu and it’s called Hysteria. Anna came into the spotlight back in 2007 as runner-up in the 3rd season of Finnish Pop Idol (cuz I’m sure you knew that show existed). According to Wikipedia, her debut album was one of the best selling albums in Finnish history with..wait for it….86,000 copies sold! (or the amount of albums Lady Gaga sells within 2 hours)

All kidding aside, Anna has churned out no less than 4 albums in four years and, while I’ve never heard any of her other albums, I can say with confidence that her latest album, Rush, is an absolute gem. I have to admit I went into my first listen of Rush with loads of skepticism and was prepared to write Anna off as yet another shiny pop product. But Rush is easily better than 85 or so percent of the pop albums you’ll hear this year.

Her first single off Rush is called Hysteria and it’s a catchy marriage of Pat Benetar-style 80s-ness and Boys of Summer-lifted guitar riffs that has seen me hit the repeat button on more than one occasion. I’ve actually been very surprised with how many times I’ve listened to Rush since I listened to it for the first time a few weeks ago. There’s nothing revolutionary about the album in the slightest, but there’s enough nostalgia, solid vocals, and catchy hooks to keep me quite entertained. In fact, out of 10 album tracks, there’s only about 1 or 2 that I end up skipping over and even the slow jams are worthy of listening to.

Check out Anna’s video for Hysteria below and then get your hands on her new album Rush.

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