Austra ‘Beat and The Pulse’

Today’s Daily Tune is from a Canadian band named Austra. Their single, Beat and The Pulse, has been out for a couple of months and is finally getting the proper attention it deserves.  Austra debuted a music video for Beat and The Pulse a couple of months ago that was a little racy apparently for most people; so they were forced to shoot a ‘clean version’ of the video. (You know, because tits are so tough to look at. This country is pathetic). Anyway, I’m glad they did a clean version of the video because people are beginning to take notice of their music.

Austra is lead singer Katie Stelmanis’s middle name and the band was formed last year after Katie’s solo album didn’t take off.  (Her solo album is amazing, btw). Her voice is gorgeous, powerful, and quite low and their music kind of reminds me of a trip-hoppy industrial sound; which had me excited after just one listen. Since then, I’ve been playing the fuck out of the song and seem to discover a new layer or sound to the production of the music with every listen.

The band is currently in the studio and busy working on their debut album with producer Damian Taylor (of Bjork, UNKLE, and The Prodigy fame). They recently signed with Domino Records, which is a huge move for them and should propel them to even greater things. From everything I’ve already heard, I’m anticipating this album to be one of the releases of the year. I can’t wait!

Check out the (clean) video for Austra’s The Beat and Pulse, and then grab a free download of the song as well:

Austra ‘Beat and The Pulse’



Spotlight: The Killscreen ‘The End Is Coming’

Something wonderful happened the first time I listened to The Killscreen’s debut single, The End Is Coming: I got this huge rush of adrenaline and felt enormous excitement for what I do every day on this site. This song couldn’t be more up my alley if it tried with its electropop-with-a-slice-of-indie-cool, sexy vocals, and sad lyrics..filled with longing. It’s the type of song that, with the right music video, MTV might’ve deemed Buzzworthy, back in the day.

The Killscreen is the moniker of Los Angeles-based solo artist, Kim Haden. I love the story behind the release of The End Is Coming. The song had been completed for months but apparently Kim never felt as if the song was ‘done enough.’ Recently her friend ‘dared’ her to post the song on Bandcamp. She did and the response she’s getting has been amazing.

One of the things I love about The End Is Coming is that I can’t think of a ton of artists off the top of my head that it reminds me of. Sure, there are plenty of female singer-songwriters doing the whole electropop thing right now, but there’s something different about this song and I can’t put my finger on it. Do you have any idea how rare it is for me to not be able to list a few artists off the top of my head that sound like the artist I’m reviewing?

I’ve played the song for some fellow music geek friends of mine and, out of the 8 I’ve reached out to thus far, 8 have sent me back emails and texts filled with praise, wondering 1) where they can buy the song and 2) when her album is coming out. Luckily, we won’t have to wait that long, as Kim plans to release a song a month on The Killscreen’s page on Bandcamp as a lead-up to the release of an EP entitled ‘White Widow’ this summer.

I’m going to make a plea to everyone reading this: Let’s get viral and share this song on our Facebooks, Twitters, friends, etc. Unsigned artists with this kind of talent need our support! I will be doing my part to support Kim and I hope you will as well.

***Kim can currently be seen performing with bands, Yellow Alex and Rademacher, all over LA. She also has another recording project called College Kids.

The Hotness: Queen of Hearts, Louis La Roche, Kid Kasio

Time to introduce all of you to a new category and some new artists. Welcome to The Hotness.

In the last couple of weeks, I have become somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of emails I’m receiving from readers, artists, pr firms, and record labels. The majority of emails I receive are about music, in the form of suggestions, mp3’s, full albums, media kits, etc. This is definitely what I’ve always wanted, but the most shocking thing to me has been the sheer volume of emails I’m sifting through every day and trying to make sense of everything I’m receiving. I guess you could say that the little ad campaign I did a couple of weeks ago to increase visibility, worked. I never expected for things to move this fast, however..but no complaints! I’m lovin it!

Even though I’m receiving a shit ton of music, I’d say very little of it has appealed to me, thus far. I have to be passionate about a song or artist in order to write about them. I spend a good portion of my time discovering new music on my own, as well. And when I’ve finally sifted through everything, I’m left with some amazing music that I simply can’t let sit on the shelf, waiting for a turn to be my Daily Tune. These songs are going to be known as The Hotness (while I decide if that’s the name I want to call them).

Here in The Hotness you’ll find Soundcloud streams and a few music videos of all new music to get psyched about, purchase, have sex to, etc..The Hotness will contain the best of the best in terms of fresh jams that are rocking my box. My *email*box, of course..get your mind out of the gutter.

1) Queen of Hearts ‘Freestyle’

2) Louis La Roche featuring Yann Destal ‘My Turn’

3) Kid Kasio ‘The Reason’

PNAU ‘The Truth’..

is today’s Daily Tune. PNAU are yet another Australian dance music duo; comprised of vocalist Nick Littlemore and guitarist Peter Mayes. They came onto my radar a couple of years ago when they released the song Embrace, which featured the vocals of one of my favorite singers, Ladyhawke. Their music is often lumped in with bands such as Van She and Empire of the Sun.

I’ve really begun to get into them pretty heavily in the last year or so and was really excited to receive a promo copy of their new single, The Truth, last week. Nick’s vocals remind me of a better version of Tom DeLonge from Blink-182, and the music reminds me of a dancier version of Empire of the Sun or even MGMT. The Truth has one of the most immediate hooks in a pop song that you’ll hear all year and most of you will be all over it. I’m really really excited for the release of their 4th album, Soft Universe, this summer.

Check out The Truth, below:

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