Daily Dickhead(s): Bill “Feminists Want Men” Bennett & Patty Robertson

With all of the focus on civil rights and women’s rights in this country, it’s easy to forget that the true victims of inequality are neither gay, nor female, nor poor or a minority. The real daily struggle in our society belongs to……..men.

You see men account for ONLY:

55% of income earned in the US

80.3% of government officials around the world

83% of US Congress members

95% of domestic violence perpetrators

97% of Fortune 500 CEOs

and, um..

100% of dictators

Yes, regardless of whose life they walk into, men are such victims that one wonders if anything can be done to turn the tide back in their direction…

Well..fear not!

Former Education Secretary, and current misogynist asshole, Bill Bennett, has written a new book entitled The Book Of Man; which seeks to re-masculine-ize our nation by trashing……women and gays! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Last week, Bennett appeared on Patty Robertson’s The 700(lbs of poop) Club to promote the aforementioned Book Of Man and they both solved all of the world’s problems  with dialogue such as this:

Bennett: “What feminism did I think, Pat, was confuse the debate to some extent by saying those expectations we have of boys, the kinds of responsibilities that they will need to take up as men, we’re not sure we need them anymore because we’re not sure we need men any more, well we do need men.”

Robertson: “Well you know it’s interesting in the news today was the changing of the guard at IBM where Palmisano is changing off and a woman’s taking his position as head of this great corporation, IBM.”

Bennett: “That’s right and there’s just a ton of that…fine all power to the women and the girls, as long as we don’t confuse roles and the differences in genders. Boys have to wake up! We got to wake them up!”

Robertson: “What’s this going to do to society, if men don’t take their places as men and suddenly there’s a gap and women and we have a matriarchy. What will this do ultimately to society?”

Bennett: “I think it can hurt society, maybe grievously. Interestingly the feminists are not celebrating this Pat, they want men too. They might want to rail against this and they may want to talk about stereotypes of man and male domination and so on, but women want men. They want men for that strong arm, they want men for that protection, they want men for a partner in marriage and so it’s something that has got very blurred and what I try to do in this book is remind people of things that are true. And to the boys, as you very well said, the array of things offered on TV and elsewhere is very confusing, from macho stuff to gay culture to all sorts of things. What I got here is a point of view that is time tested, based in tradition that will get boys to manhood.”

Yes, Bill, thank you SO MUCH for pointing out how badly we ‘need men’..because we have such a shortage of them, in general, that testicles far and wide have begun to shrivel up, while penises turn into vaginas. True story – but you probably already knew that what with the vast amount of time you’ve put into researching feminists; discovering that they ‘want men too.’

Considering he’s such a prophet, it’s interesting to hear Patty ask questions such as ‘what’s this going to do to society?’ But, I am really glad that that he took the time to address the troubling news that IBM has decided to turn their company into the first known example of a matriarchal business here in the US, by hiring a female CEO.

I mean, what’s next? Gay people running Apple?

Watch the video below.


The Fredhead Weekend 10: Gay Pride Edition!

Every Friday, Fred Hystere sends a note to fans of the site and streams 10 of his favorite songs…aaaaaand then he takes off his pants on camera and makes up a dance to each song.

24 June 2011

This weekend is the Gay Pride Parade in New York City and today I want to talk a little bit about the importance of pride.

I hear from both straight and gay people all the time that they think gay pride is silly and they don’t understand why it exists. While I can’t specifically say that the pride movement has had a direct effect on me per se, I can say that I think ‘pride’ is completely essential. Here’s why.

As I’ve said 346546737 times on FH, I’ve been lucky enough to have been raised by parents who not only helped the innate confidence inside me to prosper, but also made their own confidence in me clear from day one. I’ve also been lucky enough to have a strong network of friends who have never wavered in their support of me, regardless of my sexual orientation. My family and my friends are my ‘community’.

Out of the many places we search for pride, the number one place people turn to is their own community. My community happens to be my family and friends, but other examples of community include nationality, religion, job, sexual orientation, etc.

The need for community is as strong as the need for love and any other ‘need’ there is. No one likes to feel as though they’re ‘alone’; which is why it’s essential to have a place to go where you can speak with and be around people just like you. That’s where gay pride comes in..

Community breeds pride.

So the next time that you look down on someone because of how much ‘pride’ means to them, take a moment and realize how lucky you is to be part of a community, whatever that community may be, that gives you or (has given you) that sense of pride. And let other people enjoy the one day per year where they can find pride the only way they know how..in numbers.

Fred Hystere

PS: Enjoy my Weekend 10! It’s full of some of my favorite songs from some of my favorite gay artists! Happy Pride!


1. Goldfrapp “Alive”

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2. Dragonette “Big Sunglasses”


3. Angelo “Sinner & The Saint (Buffelibre Remix)”


4. The Gossip “Standing In The Way Of Control”


5. Scissor Sisters “Sex and Violence”

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6. Garçon Garçon “Stay In Touch”


7. Bright Light Bright Light “A New Word To Say”


8. Pet Shop Boys “Together”

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9. Gregory Douglass “Hang Around”


10. Rufus Wainwright “Beautiful Child”

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