Daily Dickhead: Greg (Red-Eye) Gutfield

Greg Gutfield of The O’Reilly Factor (and Red-Eye) is today’s Daily Dickhead.  The other night, Gutfield decided to poke fun at Lawrence O’Donnell and his new MSNBC show, The Last Word. Gutfield showed a series of out-of-context clips of O’Donnell saying various absurd things and made it seem as though O’Donnell was racist, among other things.

I’m not a huge fan of Lawrence O’Donnell, and I’m all for poking fun at people, obviously. However, Fox ‘News’ viewers are by and large some of the least educated and most gullible people on the planet. They will believe anything. And while I’m all about jokes, one of the biggest sources of my frustration with Fox ‘News’, is that they are fully aware that everything they say is an exaggeration of the truth, and let their audience believe their lies.

I was watching the show when it happened (I know, I know) and even the commentary that followed made the viewer think that everything O’Donnell was saying was completely in context. At no point did Gutfield say he was ‘kidding’ or make it seem as though he was. He knows the audience of the O’Reilly Factor is largely moronic and will believe anything he says, yet made no attempt whatsoever to make it seem as if his segment was done in jest.

PS: Should someone inform Greg that the name of his other show, Red-Eye, is an acronym for ‘butthole?’ Just sayin.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

Daily Dickhead: Mike Huckabee (R-AR)

Shockingly, Mike Huckabee (R-AR) is making his first appearance as the Daily Dickhead here on Fred Hystere. In a world full of ignorance and bigotry, Huckabee has risen to the top, in recent years, thanks to his gay-marriage-equals-polygamy-equals-bestiality stance. He is one of the all-time biggest motherfuckingassholes that this country has ever known. He’s a master at speaking frankly and matter-of-factly about his views and has a tendency towards making people laugh (for reasons other than his obvious resemblance to John Goodman).

I don’t watch much TV at all, other than the news, tennis, and baseball. These days, while watching the news, I make sure to keep a barf bag nearby, especially when I hear that Mike Huckabee has written a new book and will therefore be making the rounds, whoring himself out to anyone that will listen. The other day he stopped by John (somebody give that guy an Adderall) King’s show to speak about his views on gay marriage, for the 2343453464577th time.

Like most conservatives, Huckabee has an obsession with equating gay marriage to polygamy and likes to ask the question ‘If we allow 2 gay men to get married, what’s stopping us from letting 1 man marry 4 women?’ etc etc etc. He’s created just about every mathematical combination that his pea brain can come up with, and loves nothing more than to pontificate about what’s right and wrong and what kind of love is worthy of being legalized.

Basically, he’s a fucking tool. And because I love nothing more than a big tool to play with (wink wink), I’ve decided to post not one, but TWO videos to show you just how much Huckabee hates gays..(and Mormons). Pay specific attention to the 2nd video, where Judge Napolitano makes Huckabee look like even more of an asshole by making him basically cringe at the thought of gay people. Kudos to Napolitano (I just threw up in my mouth a little as I wrote that) for legally schooling Huckabee on the constitutionality of his argument.

As a potential frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President in 2012, it’s extremely important not to overlook this type of bigoted behavior and continue to spread the word that this guy is not right for America. I don’t want anyone telling me who I can and can’t love, obviously, and neither should you. So, please help spread the word about the dangerous views of Mike Huckabee and let’s make sure he is never ever elected as President of this (or any) country.


wishes that a plastic surgeon would sneak into Ann Coulter’s bedroom while she’s sleeping and transplant her asshole where her mouth is and vice versa.

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