Song-A-Day: She’s The Queen “Cold Heart”

She's The Queen Cold HeartFACT: Very few bands out there are doing 80s-inspired pop as well as She’s The Queen. The NYC-based duo, comprised of lead singer Emily White and Andrew Kuryloski, have an incredible knack for churning out perfectly produced pop songs with the kinds of hooks most bands spend a lifetime trying to create.

They first came onto my map a couple of years ago when one of my favorite remix masters, The SanFernando Sound, remixed their song “Sleepwalker’s Curse.” I was immediately hooked and sought out the rest of their music. And in the last couple of years, there have been very few artists I’ve been able to count on as much as She’s The Queen to churn out quality pop.

After recently signing to Electronic Rumors, they’ve just released a double A-side of their songs “Cold Heart” and “I Don’t Wanna Know.” Of the two songs, my clear favorite is definitely Cold Heart; a song which is easily one of the best pop songs of 2013.

Listen below and add it to your next summer mix.

**Side Note: If you’ve never heard of Electronic Rumors, I urge you to check out the blog of the same name as it is my absolute FAVORITE music blog and has been for years.

*She’s The Queen’s new double A-side singles, Cold Heart and I Don’t Wanna Know, are out now via Electronic Rumors.


She’s The Queen “Cold Heart”

Song-A-Day: The Rebel Light “Jukebox Dream”

The Rebel Light Jukebox DreamThe Rebel Light is an LA-based indie rock trio and one of the best unsigned bands I’ve heard in the last couple of years.

On a daily basis, I’m sent hundreds of emails from some of the absolute shittiest bands and artists this planet has to offer. Out of 500 emails, I’m lucky if 3 of them contain music that I’d even consider writing about. So when The Rebel Light sent me over a couple of their songs earlier this year, I was understandably skeptical; but all it took was one listen and I was hooked.  (To this day, those two songs are among my top 10 most played songs on iTunes.)

When they sent the songs over, I was in the midst of a writing hiatus and never got around to writing about any of their music. Thankfully, last week band member Will sent me an email to let me know about their newest single, Jukebox Dream.

But, before I write about their new single, I need to point out that the band has an incredibly diverse sound. Song to song, they’ve reminded me of everyone from Remy Zero (blast from the past, right?) to Beach House to the Monkees and even the Beatles. The production is perfect, the vocals are gorgeously emotive and the songwriting is top notch.

The aforementioned latest single, Jukebox Dream, will make you feel as though you’re literally in the midst of one. It’s catchy as fuck and an unabashed nod to sundrenched feelgood 60s melodies. To be blunt, if you don’t like this song, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Have a listen below.


The Rebel Light “Jukebox Dream”

Song-A-Day: Hunter As A Horse “We Will Meet Again”

Hunter As A Horse We Will Meet AgainOne of the best new bands I’ve heard all year is UK-based duo named Hunter As A Horse. (They’re actually from South Africa, but currently reside in one of my favorite towns in the UK, picturesque Richmond upon Thames.)

After being sent some of their songs earlier this year, I’ve been in love ever since. Those of you who know my music taste well, will know that I’m a MASSIVE fan of moody trip hop-y tunes with female vocals. These guys tick every one of my boxes on the way to eargasm, and then some.

Lead singer Mia Van Wyk got into music after experiencing family tragedy back in her native South Africa. In order to deal with the pain of her loss, she began writing music and learning guitar. After relocating to London, and years of writing and producing music for other people, she and her bandmate Paul began creating the music together that would end up being the emotive electronically-tinged beauty of Hunter As A Horse.

Every single one of their songs will make you want to snuggle in bed with a boyfriend or girlfriend on a rainy Sunday morning. And even if you hate rain, you have to admit that idea sounds pretty nice, no?

I’ve heard 8 of their songs and I’m not sure if they’ve released any of them anywhere other than on SoundCloud. I hope somebody signs these guys fast because I need MORE.

Check out my favorite song, the haunting We Will Meet Again, below.


Hunter As A Horse “We Will Meet Again”

Song(s)-a-Day: Postiljonen “Plastic Panorama” & “Atlantis”

Postiljonen 'Skyer' album cover

I couldn’t pick just one song, today. Sweden’s Postiljonen have too many amazing songs to choose from!

Postiljonen is a pop trio based in (where else?) Sweden whose album is the most perfect collection of songs I’ve heard in 2013. At times reminiscent of everyone from Dubstar to Enya, Skyer is full of ethereal shoegaze-y pop, daydreamy lyrics and some very nice vocals, courtesy of Norwegian singer, Mia Bøe; the only member of the trio who doesn’t hail from Sweden.

The production on the entire album is as strong as anything I’ve heard in the past acouple of years; yet it somehow never manages to overpower Mia’s delicate whispy vocals. She commands every song with a presence rarely seen in the world of shoegaze.

I simply can’t say enough about Skyer. The album is full of songs that will fit perfectly onto mixes made for lazy summer days. My favorite tracks are Help, Plastic Panorama and Atlantis; which features some excellent jazzy horns to compliment a solid pop beat.

Check it out Atlantis and Plastic Panorama below.

*Postiljonen’s debut album, Skyer, is out now via Hybris.


Postiljonen “Plastic Panorama”
      Postiljonen \"Plastic Panorama\"


Postiljonen “Atlantis”
      Postiljonen \"Atlantis\"
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