Daily Dickhead: SNL Alum, Victoria Jackson (VIDEO)

Just when I thought I had already planned my entire week of Daily Dickheads, former SNL cast member, Victoria-Miss Jackson-Cuz-She’s-Nasty, decided to mainline bourbon into her veins and remind us all of god’s view on homosexuality (which I sincerely appreciate considering how infrequently it’s discussed).

I don’t watch Glee and never have, but apparently last week two men kissed on the show (gasp!), which prompted Miss Jackson to speak out against everything from the liberal agenda to Muslims to oral sex and more. Weeeeee! She sounds like a FUN Saturday night..

Unsurprisingly, Jackson is being called everything from homophobic and ignorant, to a stupid fucking bitch (ooops, am I projecting?), and decided to go onto HLN to defend herself.  And defend herself she did! But not before getting herself all pretty to appear on the show by picking out her favorite scrunchy, aaaaaand seemingly applying make-up with her feet. Sexy!

Oh and the book! How could I have forgotten the book?!

In between making icky-poo faces at the suggestion of having to re-watch the gay kissing scene from Glee and looking more spacey than Charlie Sheen after a 36-day bender, Jackson grabbed The Bible and waved it repeatedly while quoting from Leviticus about how god hates gays.. and..um..gossip (?)

Here’s to hoping she gets tea-bagged..by two gay guys…while they make out……..aaaaaaand that her daughter becomes a constantly-craving-vagina-eating lesbian.

*Bonus: Check out the video for Victoria Jackson’s hit song from 2010, ‘There’s A Communist Living In The White House’

Justin Alesna: Victim of a Hate Crime (VIDEO)

It’s 3:20 am and I should be sleeping, as I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. When I couldn’t fall asleep I decided to check Twitter really quickly and came across the video you’re about to see. I’m choosing to post this video now because, like 23 year old Justin Alesna, I want the hate to stop. Now.

If I didn’t have to try and get to sleep I’d write a much longer piece about Justin Alesna, and I’ll probably end up writing something more this weekend. But for now, here’s what happened:

Justin went to a Detroit-area BP gas station to buy cigarettes. The man he was standing behind told him to ‘back off’ because he was too close. Justin apologized and complied, but the man wasn’t satisfied and began hurling gay slurs towards Justin before punching him in the face twice, while the clerk and two patrons looked on and laughed. Justin asked the clerk to call the cops, but was told to leave. Bottom line: No one did anything to help Justin out.

While our politicians continue to decide what constitutes ‘love’ under the eyes of the law, gay people continue to be treated like 2nd class citizens, at best. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hate is learned. As parents, friends, teachers, and humans, we all have an obligation to educate the children of the world to treat all people with equal respect. What someone else does with their life is no business of yours, just like what you do with your life is no business of anyone else’s. No one is saying that you have to love what other people do with their life, but your opinions should never have an effect on how you treat someone else. It’s called manners and parents that don’t teach their children how to be polite will forever continue to be the main source of the problem, when they have an opportunity to be part of the solution.

As someone that tends to tear up pretty easily, I did not shed one tear during this video. The reason had everything to do with the courage, conviction, and naturally inspirational tone of everything that came out of Justin’s mouth. Rather than cry, or commit suicide, he’s standing up in the face of tremendous odds. I have a strong suspicion that, because of Justin’s bravery, the hate ends right now. And as he says ‘if it doesn’t, then it needs to.’

Please, please, please share this video with everybody you know. We need more gay heroes like Justin and I want to do everything in my power to make sure that everyone knows his story. Something needs to change and it needs to happen now.

Vom: Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ (VIDEO)

Teenage singer Rebecca Black’s salute to her favorite day of the week, Friday, is the worst song that has ever been recorded in the history of civilization. In fact it’s so bad that when I saw it for the first time this morning at 8am, I went upstairs and took a shot of tequila. But the music video is possibly even worse than the song.

I’m guessing (and hoping?) Rebecca is no more than 15 (or 31?) years old; though why she’s made to look like she’s going on a date with Zach Morris in 1996, is puzzling. And you know you’ve accomplished something pretty amazing when you make a song and music video that’s so bad it makes Taylor Swift look interesting. In fact, it actually makes Taylor Swift look like the next John Lennon.

A few other tidbits:

1)      The real title of the song is actually not Friday, but instead ‘666 Satan Forever’

2)      Rebecca is not actually African-American, as her last name would lead you to believe

3)      Rebecca’s full legal name is Rebecca Black-Friday.

4)      This video marks a world record for having the most amount of people showcasing visible dental work within a 5 minute span

5)      There are more braces on teeth in this video than America Ferreira wore on the first three seasons of Ugly Betty combined

6)      Note for next time: a party is not a party until everybody’s virginity has been checked at the door

7)      While I sincerely appreciate being reminded of the order that Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday occur on my calendar every week, I’m not so sure I can say the same for the 40-something rapper that talks about school buses during his appearance in the video.

8)      If this is the end of the world as we know it, then why don’t I feel fine?

9)      I think I need more tequila

Rachel Maddow + Ex-gay Richard Cohen =

fucking hilarious interview. I posted this a while back, but I watched the interview again last night, as it figures prominently in a story I’m putting together about about ‘ex-gay’ people. Unintentionally hilariously frightening stuff.

Before you watch the interview, watch the CNN segment about this whackjob from 2006:

Rachel’s interview is long, but soooooo worth it, I promise!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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