The (Super) Hotness: Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis This FireMaybe it’s because I’ve been working out a bunch. Maybe it’s because it’s summer. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t gotten laid in a while. Either way, the hormones are a ragin these days, and Aaron Alexis isn’t helping.

Who is Aaron Alexis, you ask? Well, he’s a solo artist living in Brooklyn who possesses one of the most sensual sexual and seductive voices this side of Al Green. Aaron pairs his music with really interesting production that at times pulls from trip hop, synth pop, house music, tropical pop and more. To say his taste is eclectic would be a giant understatement – which is why I think I’m so drawn to his sound. The only common thread throughout the collection of songs I’ve been privy to hear in demo form is that they’re all backed by his beautiful voice – well, that, and the fact that they’re all HOT.

Currently unsigned, Aaron is self-releasing all of his music. But if there’s any justice in the world, he’ll be snatched up by someone with a real ear for talent. His sound is not only unique, but it’s extremely marketable; the type of music that should be heard en masse. (<—-that means ‘by a lot of people’ right?)

Here’s to hopin.

Check out my current favorite track, This Fire; download it for free and spread the word!


Aaron Alexis “This Fire”


VIDEO PREMIERE: Mint Julep “To The Sea”

I’ve been all over Mint Julep‘s latest album, Save Your Season, since its release in late November of last year.

A few weeks ago, you may remember that I featured my favorite track off the album, To The Sea. Well, do I have a good ear or what? To The Sea has just been released as the 3rd single off Save Your Season and if you haven’t heard it yet, you need to. Holly’s breathy vocal + dark synthy beat + a hook that won’t quit = get into it.

Watch the (typically amazing) video for To The Sea below.

*Mint Julep’s new album, Save Your Season, is out now via Village Green/Unseen Music.


Mint Julep “To The Sea”

VIDEO PREMIERE: Saint Etienne “Tonight”

Saint Etienne Words and Music by Saint Etienne Saint Etienne is a UK-based indie dance trio consisting of Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley, and Pete Wiggs.

Having spent every summer of my youth in England with my family, I grew up listening to Saint Etienne’s music and they’ve always held a very special place in my heart. For me, they’ve tended to be more of a ‘singles’ band than an album band, though they’ve certainly released more than a few classic records over the years.

“Too Young To Die” was the name of Saint Etienne’s first collection of singles, which came out in 1995. Their sound has always reminded me of a lovechild between The Cardigans and Kylie Minogue, though Sarah’s voice is way lower than that of both Nina Persson and Kylie.

It’s been 7 years since Saint Etienne last released an album – which is mind boggling to me considering I remember the day one of my friends told me about having just purchased 2005’s Tales From Turnpike House as if it were yesterday. But they’re getting ready to release their 8th studio album, Words and Music by Saint Etienne, in May. The first offering from that release comes in the form of “Tonight” – which has Kylie written all over it. In fact, it’s probably one of the best singles they’ve released in over a decade.

Love love love love love.

Check out the video below.

*Saint Etienne’s 8th album, Words and Music by Saint Etienne, is out 21 May.


Saint Etienne “Tonight”

Korallreven US Tour!

Korallreven US Tour An Album By Korallreven

I could not be more excited to announce that Korallreven are going on a 5-city tour, here in the US! The show in NYC will also feature two bands you need to check out if you haven’t already: Lemonade and Young Magic – more on them soon.

Next week I’ll be debuting a gorgeous new music video for their wonderfully soothing single, Sa Sa Samoa – so keep your eyes open for that.

In the meantime, make sure to get your tickets NOW!

*Korallreven’s debut album, An Album By Korallreven, is out now via Acéphale.


Korallreven featuring Victoria Bergsman “Honey Mine (Shine On)”

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