Classics: Little Dragon “My Step” (VIDEO)

Swedish electro-funkers, Little Dragon, have been wowing critics in 2011 with their new album, Ritual Union, but these guys have been cool for years. They’ve received heaps of praise from everyone from The Roots to Jimmy Fallon, thanks to their fun blend of hip hop, electronic, pop and dance music.

For me, lead singer Yukimi Nagano has always been the highlight of Little Dragon’s songs and she was largely responsible for me becoming a superfan of the band in recent years. My favorite song of theirs is called My Step from their “Machine Dreams” album, and I’m pretty sure many of you will be all over it. Positively addicting, smooth, left-of-center pop at its finest.

Check out the video below.

*Little Dragon’s new album, Ritual Union, is out now via Peacefrog Holdings.


Little Dragon “My Step”

Lamb’s ‘Gorecki’: A Favorite Ode To Love

Lamb‘s stunning ode to love, Gorecki, features powerful lyrics that even a cynical fuck, such as myself, can appreciate.

So my Classics section is back. However, this time around I’m going to focus more on playing DJ as apposed to being autobiographer. I’ll still say a few words about what each song means to me..but then it’s all about the music.

My friend Taylor and I were obsessed with all things Trip-hop after the emergence of Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack, etc back in the mid-90s. We used to go to our favorite record shop, AB-CD, in Norwalk CT, and sift through their collection of used imported CDs for hours and hours and hours.

One day Taylor came across Lamb’s self-titled debut and brought it home for a listen. It didn’t take long before the two of us became obsessed with that album and specifically the lead single off that album, Gorecki.

Whether you’re a cynic or not, love means comfort to everyone. So no matter how hard you try, I defy you not to feel a little warm and fuzzy while reading some of the lyrics to Gorecki below:

could we stay right here
till the end of time until the earth stops turning
wanna love you until the seas run dry
I’ve found the one I’ve waited for

I don’t feel like posting more than that, so you’ll have to listen to the song to hear the rest! I hope you enjoy it!

Download these Lamb songs: Gorecki, Softly, Here, Fly, Gabriel, Cotton Wool, Ear Parcel, Angelica, Wonder

For fans of: Portishead, Royksopp, jazz, drum-n-bass

*Lamb are still together and actually just released their fifth album, 5, a few months ago.


Lamb “Gorecki”

Lamb – Gorecki by Angkor

Thankfully, Chungking Is Still “Making Music”

One of my favorite bands of all-time is someone that you’ve likely never heard of. Their name is Chungking and their video for “Making Music” is the perfect introduction to their jazzy lounge-tastic sound.

The UK  band is fronted by the lovely Jesse Banks, who seriously has one of the best and most undiscovered voices today. Their 2nd album, The Hungry Years, still ranks as one of my top 25 favorite records of all-time; and I really hope their upcoming release brings them back to the same jazzy lounge soul that made The Hungry Years so special.

Download these songs: Voodoo, Let Love In,  Angel Eyes, We Love You, Following, Love Is Here To Stay, Slow It Down

For fans of: Goldfrapp, Portishead, Sade and 70s soul


Chungking “Making Music”

Daily Classic: George Michael “Spinning The Wheel” (VIDEO)

Every week on Fred Hystere we choose a new theme to go along with our Daily Classics. This week features 4 of Fred’s favorite vocalists of all-time and today is all about George Michael and his underrated classic, Spinning The Wheel.

George Michael, George Michael, George Michael…how fucking amazing is the voice of George Michael? I’ve written about him before while remembering his classic 90s jam, Freedom. But, today, I want to focus on my absolute favorite George Michael song ever recorded: Spinning The Wheel.

Chances are, if you’re American, you’re not all that familiar with Spinning The Wheel as it was the last single released off George Michael’s vastly under-promoted gem, Older. But, why do I love Spinning The Wheel so much? Well, the reason is almost masochistic, in a way.. let me explain..

Since turning 30 a couple of years ago, my life and mind have gone through a remarkable transformation that I don’t know if even my closest of friends will ever truly understand. I’ve written before about my struggles as a kid and the subsequent years of self-loathing and the belief that I wouldn’t ever even make it to my 30th birthday. The fact is, I treated myself like total shit because I truly felt like total shit. I slept around, partied for days, ate whatever I wanted and didn’t give a fuck what sort of toll any of it was taking on my body, mind and life. I suffered silently in shame and more or less lead a double-life, the extent to which no one else really knows..

But a couple of years ago, everything began to change. Maybe it was because I reached the ‘dead-end’ age of 30 years old that I thought I’d never make it to; or maybe it was the death of my father; or maybe it was the end of a long relationship.. Whatever the reason, I’m living life today happy, confident and hopeful about my future. I’m no longer ashamed of things that happened in my childhood and I barely even drink these days; mostly because I have this odd desire to be “present” that I never really imagined I’d ever have.

So what does this all have to do with George Michael’s “Spinning The Wheel”?

Well, let’s just say that if there was a song written to me from any of my exes that I dated before my 30th birthday, the lyrics probably would’ve gone something like this:

Five o’clock in the morning
You ain’t home

I can’t help thinking that’s strange…

…I would rather be alone than watch you
Spinning that wheel for me

You’ve got a thing about danger
Ain’t you getting what you want from me
You’ve got a thing about strangers
Baby that’s what we used to be
You’ve got a thing about danger baby
I guess the hungry just can’t see
One of these days
You’re gonna bring some home to me

This song is the soundtrack to life before 30 and a constant reminder of why I’ll never go back to that time again and why I’ll be forever grateful that George Michael wrote these lyrics. Check out Spinning The Wheel below.



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