Stephen Moore To Jobless: Have A Job If You Want A Job

Stephen Moore is an economic reporter for the Wall Street Journal and also the biggest argument for the invention of a human mute button. He pops up on various programs that I tune into and without fail speaks about his love of fiscal conservatism and big business so much that you’d swear he’s receiving a handjob from Goldman Sachs’ CEO under his desk.

Moore is rarely good for a soundbite or a quote of any kind, mostly because he giggles and stutters his way through the majority of the points he’s trying to make. But look beneath his I’m-a-ditzy-cheerleader-disguised-as-an-economic-reporter façade, and you’ll quickly find that, like many modern-day fiscal conservatives, everything he says is incredibly redundant.

Earlier this week, that redundancy reached new heights when he defended the recent trend of employers discriminating against the unemployed because…um…they’re unemployed! Moore attempts to make the same point that many conservatives like to make, which is that people who are unemployed don’t try hard enough to find jobs, and instead just sit back and collect their fat unemployment checks.

ANYTIME I hear a Republican publicly use that type of logic, it makes me wonder WHY ON EARTH anyone who’s struggling to find a job would vote for a Republican at all! They’re basically calling you a lazy unemployed loser, but you’re still going to vote for them?!

As someone who was unemployed for almost 2 YEARS, after the company I had been with for years went under, let me just say that to place EVEN MORE roadblocks in front of the unemployed is simply reprehensible. How is anyone supposed to get ahead these days when businesses are judging you based on things such as credit history and being unemployed (not to mention all of the other ways interviewers like to size people up)?

Moore was a guest on Hardball with Chris Matthews and (as usual) I found myself yelling at the TV, calling out names and generally behaving like a drunk heterosexual male at a Yankees game while his team is losing. Read the beginning of Matthews’ back-and-forth with Moore and then watch the full clip below.

Chris Matthews: I have to ask you, to start off at the bat — let`s go with Steve — what is the case for employers being allowed to say, don`t waste my time if you`re unemployed looking for a job; you`re not going to even get an interview here?

STEPHEN MOORE: Well, I don`t think it`s — I don`t think it`s right to say, like, you know, like Irish need not apply, unemployed need not apply. But I do think, Chris, that it is important for employers to be able to look at the worker job history, and if somebody`s been out of work for a long time, for better or for worse, that`s usually a negative on their resume. It doesn`t look — I always tell people, you know, the best way to find a job is to have a job. And so..


Daily Dickhead(s): Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips & Steve Smith (R-AZ)

Every day, there are exactly one million and seventeen different examples of dickheadishness I could explore for my Daily Dickhead section. But after yesterday’s birther nonsense, there are probably twice as many people I could choose for the category. However, rather than go the easy route and write about Donald Trump and his apparent theft of Beyonce’s beaver that sits on top of his pointy head, I’m going to go with two lesser known dickheads that appeared last night on Hardball with Chris Matthews: Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips and Republican Arizona State Senator Steve Smith.

I’m pretty much going to let the interview speak for itself in a minute, but I first need to get my own feelings on paper; so bear with me as I may end up sounding redundant with my comments.

The blatant racism that this President has had to endure since being ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE back in 2008 has been the most embarrassing representation of this country since I was born in the late 70s. The name of the game according to Republicans has been 100% about using social issues including birtherism, gay marriage, abortion, Obama’s religion and more, instead of focusing on what they said they were going to focus on: Jobs.

Those of us who follow politics closely and who are not (currently) part of the wealthiest 1% of Americans, knew it would only be a matter of time before the rest of the country saw what Republicans were trying to do. Which is why I, for one, was happy that the President called a press conference in order to publicly show the rest of the world that he was, indeed, born in the US.

I have to say that I honestly feel for the guy, as I’m sure holding that press conference yesterday was probably one of the most humiliating things he’s ever had to do. And why did he have to do it? Because a MAJORITY of REPUBLICANS don’t want to believe that a man with dark skin and the name Barack Hussein Obama could be as American as apple pie.

I’ve been embarrassed to be from this country before, but this year has taken my embarrassment to a whole new level. Whereas I used to enjoy emailing back and forth and speaking about politics here in the US with my relatives in the UK, nowadays I’m simply too humiliated to bring up the subject.

The icing on the cake, however, was the (extremely uncomfortable) interview that you’re about you watch below. I already knew Judson Phillips was a stupid fucking knob, but, as you’ll see, his comments are totally unacceptable.

As for Steve Smith (R-AZ), the fact that he is an ELECTED OFFICIAL speaks volumes about the state of our country. Kudos to Chris Matthews for embarrassing them both and taking them to the woodshed. Racist fucktards.

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Daily Dickhead: Michele ‘I Can’t Read’ Bachmann (R-MN)

This week my Daily Dickheads have all been low-hanging fruit, mostly because I was somewhat pressed for time this past weekend and didn’t have the time to do a ton of reading and research. So, I’ve had to go after people like Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh, two people that I consider low-hanging dick fruit. (Insert testicle joke here).

The two shows I always try not to miss on the weekends are Meet The Press and 60 Minutes. Out of the two, Meet The Press is always easy fodder if you’re looking for a dickhead and, well true to form, they had dickheads-a-plenty on the program last weekend.

But let’s be clear, it almost doesn’t matter who else is on the show when there’s an appearance by Queen Asshole herself, Michele Bachmann. Bachmann is the most scary, dangerous, and truly bizarre lawmaker in Washington; which is really saying a lot. The bitch is more than a couple of pancakes short of a stack, loco, cuckoo, loony, and D) all of the above.

With Bachmann, you get the sense that it never really matters what the answer to a question is because she’s always going to respond mesmerized with memorized talking-points, and last weekend was no different. No matter how many different questions David Gregory asked her, Bachmann’s answer always included a variation of ‘Well, I don’t know about that, David…but what I DO know, is that the President needs to give the $105 Billion that he hid in Obamacare.’

Note: The $105 Billion that Bachmann is talking about was already appropriated IN the healthcare legislation which means a few things: 1) Bachmann didn’t read the bill 2) Bachmann is being deceptive and 3) She’s a liar. Need more proof? Just see what some of her fellow Republicans are saying about the same issue:

‘Alec Vachon, a former Republican congressional staffer:
“It’s a bill — the text is public! Is Congresswoman Bachmann saying there are no House Republicans, members or staff, who can read a bill?” [Politifact, 3/8]

Steve Ellis, Taxpayers for Common Sense:

“I’m not saying that everybody knew everything that was in the health care bill, because it’s almost impossible to do that. But it was documented that the money was in there. Shame on them if they didn’t know that.” [Politifact, 3/8]
Senior GOP Official:

A senior GOP official also told Fox News that “there are revenue streams” mandated for most of the programs, but they don’t add up to $105 billion as Bachmann claims. “It’s wrong,” the official said, adding that, besides, “no Congress can bind a future Congress.” The official also disputed the charge that the money was hidden. [FOX, 3/8]’

There’s been a lot of coverage about Bachmann’s latest deception, but my favorite was on Chris Matthews’ show on Monday. Watch it below:

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Paul Broun (R-GA): Dickhead

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) is a moron. You don’t have to search very hard through the countless ridiculous quotes he’s given over the years to figure that out. However, crazies always seem to want to outdo their crazy by, well, getting crazier.

Last year, Broun was one of many Republicans who condemned the Census.  Yup. The Census. He actually admitted illegally refusing to answer Census questions.  So, his latest act of stupidity isn’t all that surprising.

Broun is the latest Republican conspiracy theorist to claim that Obama is more or less the Antichrist. Last week he said the following when he was asked about his thoughts towards Democrats and Republicans sitting together during the State Of The Union Address:

“I already believe very firmly that it is a trap and a ruse that Democrats are proposing. They don’t want civility. They want silence from the Republicans. And the sitting together being kissy-kissy is just another way to try to silence Republicans, and also to show — to keep the American people from seeing how few of them there are in the U.S. House now.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether or not these nutjobs really believe what they’re saying, or if they’re just trying to continue to perpetuate the lie that Obama is the worst president in history, etc.

Watch the video below:

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