Friday 5: Rush Midnight, Selebrities, Ice Choir, Kisses, Chad Valley

After more than a year of battling illness, I’ve decided to begin writing about music again (on a smaller scale than before).

One of my biggest passions is sharing my vast music collection with friends – and until I get my own radio show (tee hee), this is the best way I know how. Beginning today, I’m going to commit to posting 5 songs every Friday from artists I’ve been listening to. The songs will be a mixture of new and old, designed to help you discover artists you’ve never heard of, as well as artists you may have forgotten about.

One day, I’ll be able to support myself by writing on this site; but timing is everything. So, bear with me as I begin to resurrect this dream of mine, one post at a time.

In honor of last night’s incredible showcase put on by Cascine and Newtown Radio last night at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, I’ve devoted this week to the artists who performed.

– Rush Midnight’s music is sexy, slinky, and oh so smooth; almost Prince-like, at times.

– Selebrities are 2013’s version of 1983’s Joy Division, but with a female lead singer. Their new album, Lovely Things, is one of the best of the year.

– The Ice Choir’s “Afar” is  the best record I’ve heard in the past year. I remarked to a friend last night that their music is the best 80s synthpop throwback I’ve ever heard. Absolutely brilliant in every way.

– Kisses are an LA duo who I’ve been a fan of since their very first single surfaced a few years back. Now signed to one of my favorite labels, their new album “Kids In LA” is stacked full of breezy pop tunes.

– Chad Valley possesses one of the most gorgeous male voices this side of Brian Wilson. If you haven’t heard his music yet, YOU NEED TO BUY HIS LATEST ALBUM, Young Hunger, NOW.

*Be sure to check out Cascine‘s bi-weekly music show, Pleasure Points, on Newtown Radio.


1. Rush Midnight “Crush”


2. Selebrities “Lovers”


3. The Ice Choir “I Want You Now and Always”


4. Kisses “Up All Night”


5. Chad Valley featuring Glasser “Fall 4 U”

The Hotness: Rush Midnight “+1”

Rush Midnight is former Twin Shadow bassist, Russ Manning’s solo project; and his debut EP, +1, is one of the hottest releases off (the never disappointing), Cascine.

I’ve had a copy of Rush Midnight’s sexy debut for about a month now, but have been waiting patiently for the label to announce its release before telling you guys all about it.

Being the fan of synthy love doctor, Twin Shadow, that I am, I was eager to hear what Rush Midnight’s music was going to sound like – and, sex appeal aside, it’s actually nothing like I had envisioned. I can’t quite place Russ’s singing voice on the comparison scale of sexy male crooners out there, but I can tell you that his music reminds me of what PM Dawn might sound like wearing a leather jacket and carousing NYC’s hottest hotspots at 2am on a brisk Friday night.

+1 features elements of soul, reggae, synth, pop and R&B spread over 5 short tracks that has had me hitting repeat every time I listen, without fail – no lie!

Perfect for just about every mood and definitely up there with the Top 5 EPs I’ve heard all year. Another dose of fire from a label whose flame never ever burns out.

Check out the video for +1’s lead single, The Night Was Young Enough, below.

*Rush Midnight’s debut EP, +1, is out 30 October via Cascine.


Rush Midnight “The Night Was Young Enough”

The Hotness: Chad Valley & Glasser “Fall 4 U”

Chad Valley Glasser Fall 4 U Young HungerCascine artist, Chad Valley, is getting set to release his debut album, Young Hunger, on the 30th of October; and it may quite possibly end up being my Album Of The Year.

Those of you that have read the site for a while, know that I am a massive fan of all things released by Brooklyn-based indie label, Cascine. Chad Valley is quite possibly the centerpiece to all of Cascine’s releases; blending chill beats, original production and gorgeous Beach Boys-style harmonizing into songs that are equal parts day at the beach, lazy Sunday, and romantic getaway. In a nutshell, their music ticks every one of my musical G-spots and keeps me salivating for more.

Considering there hasn’t been any formal announcement that I’m aware of about the upcoming album, I’m going to leave it to Pitchfork or someone else to scoop the details on the record. However, be prepared for your mind to be blown.

Instead of album talk, I’m going to expose you to the first single off the album, Fall 4 U, which features Ms. Lo-Fi Bjork herself, Glasser. Fall 4 U is one of the more mellow tracks on Young Hunger, and instantly brought to mind a 2012 version of Gotye & Kimbra’s 2011 worldwide #1, Somebody That I Used To Know, upon first listen. No, I’m not saying the songs are similar in sound whatsoever; in fact they’re only similar in the fact that they both feature dueling male/female vocals. But there’s a similar theme, and the wordplay is a little reminiscent of that song – for me, at least.

Glasser has a gorgeous voice when she really projects, and it blends perfectly with Chad Valley’s beachy falsetto and tropical production. I’ve had this song and album on repeat now for a week, and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. Absolutely brilliant in every way.

Listen to Fall 4 U below.

*Chad Valley’s debut album, Young Hunger, is out 30 October via Cascine.


Chad Valley featuring Glasser “Fall 4 U”

The Hotness: Erika Spring

Erika Spring Debut EP CascineErika Spring is one third of everybody’s favorite Brooklyn-based female trio, Au Revoir Simone, of which (of whom? I always fuck that up) I’m a big fan. She has a soft feminine voice unlike anyone else out there right now – at least that I can come up with off the top of my sleepy head.

Oh and PS: Erika is also the latest signing to one of my favorite record labels on the planet, Cascine.

I was going to delay my ‘comeback’ from 6 months of illness for another week..until I began listening to Erika’s self-titled debut over the weekend; and it inspired me to come out of hibernation today.

I’ve heard a ton of music, obviously, in 2012; but for my current tastes, nothing of late has come close to satisfying me aurally the way that Erika has on this record. (Hopefully that last line sounds less offensive coming from a gay man.) One minute she’s folktronica, the next she’s subtle synthpop and, at times, even a little shoegaze-y.  The production on the record is purrrrrfect and brings it all together (as most good production does, of course).

That said, I have to admit I was a little nervous upon noticing she’d added a cover of one of my favorite songs by The Eurythmics, When Tomorrow Comes. In my opinion anything by Annie Lennox is sacred territory, and it’s a ballsy move for anyone to cover one of her songs. But Erika nails it by turning the song into a beautiful ballad and letting the emotion of the lyrics and her soothing vocals take over.

Breezy, summery, a little dark at times – yet always beautiful – Erika Spring’s debut is coming out at the right time of the year and deserves to get some serious mileage throughout the rest of it. Buy it.

Have a listen to the first single, Hidden, and download it for F-R-E-E below.

*Erika Spring’s self-titled debut is out 10 July via Cascine.


Erika Spring “Hidden”

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