The Hotness: Queen of Hearts, Louis La Roche, Kid Kasio

Time to introduce all of you to a new category and some new artists. Welcome to The Hotness.

In the last couple of weeks, I have become somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of emails I’m receiving from readers, artists, pr firms, and record labels. The majority of emails I receive are about music, in the form of suggestions, mp3’s, full albums, media kits, etc. This is definitely what I’ve always wanted, but the most shocking thing to me has been the sheer volume of emails I’m sifting through every day and trying to make sense of everything I’m receiving. I guess you could say that the little ad campaign I did a couple of weeks ago to increase visibility, worked. I never expected for things to move this fast, however..but no complaints! I’m lovin it!

Even though I’m receiving a shit ton of music, I’d say very little of it has appealed to me, thus far. I have to be passionate about a song or artist in order to write about them. I spend a good portion of my time discovering new music on my own, as well. And when I’ve finally sifted through everything, I’m left with some amazing music that I simply can’t let sit on the shelf, waiting for a turn to be my Daily Tune. These songs are going to be known as The Hotness (while I decide if that’s the name I want to call them).

Here in The Hotness you’ll find Soundcloud streams and a few music videos of all new music to get psyched about, purchase, have sex to, etc..The Hotness will contain the best of the best in terms of fresh jams that are rocking my box. My *email*box, of course..get your mind out of the gutter.

1) Queen of Hearts ‘Freestyle’

2) Louis La Roche featuring Yann Destal ‘My Turn’

3) Kid Kasio ‘The Reason’

Washington ‘Rich Kids’.. today’s Daily Tune. I somehow stumbled upon (Meagan) Washington’s debut album, I Believe You Liar, a few weeks ago and I am HOOKED! Washington’s music will mostly be new to those of you here in the US, but she has been making music for the last 5 years over in her native Australia. I Believe You Liar was nominated last year for 5 ARIA awards (Australian ‘Grammys’) and ended up taking home 2 awards for Best Female Artist and Breakthrough Act.

Meagan plays a few different instruments and her sound is described as Indie Pop/Alternative/Jazz. She’s definitely got some groove to her alternative rock/indie pop sound, but not sure I hear the jazz influences just yet. Regardless, her album is extremely pleasant and reminds me of another Australian artist named Butterfly Boucher, who toured with Sarah McLachlan about 10 years ago or so. Unlike Butterfy Boucher, I get the sense that Meagan has about 3 albums worth of music brimming inside her, ready to pop out in the next few years.

She has lots of ideas both lyrically and musically, and it was quite difficult for me to pick just one song to choose as my Daily Tune. My favorite song on the album is called 1997; but in terms of the songs that have videos, my favorite is Rich Kids. Rich Kids was a hit over in Australia and, with any justice, should be a hit just about anywhere. It’s fun, has a great beat, and a chorus that doesn’t stop. Pretty sure most of you are gonna be all over this!

Take a look at the video below and help spread the word about Washington’s stellar debut album, I Believe You Liar. Artists with this type of talent need to be heard!!/washingtonx

Rich Kids

WASHINGTON | Myspace Music Videos

Daily Tune: Danielle Barbe ‘Ghost Town’

Danielle Barbe needs to be famous.  Now.  Her voice is powerful, her stage presence is strong, and, um, yea..she’s GORGEOUS!  Like supermodel making me question my sexuality again gorgeous. Ok, maybe not, but still..

Growing up outside of Pittsburgh, Danielle performed for years in churches and school plays before forming a band with her brother that ended up going on to open up for bands as varied as Rusted Root, Saves The Day, Tantric, and The Cult. She’s also played for crowds at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW.  Her debut album was produced by Luke Ebbin; known for his work with Bon Jovi, Plain White Ts, and All American Rejects (none of which are deficient in their ability to write hook-filled pop rock albums).

Danielle’s raw talent is pretty apparent upon first listen of her debut single, Ghost Town, so check out the video below. I have not been able to get this song out of my head for the last couple of weeks.  I’m pretty sure you’ll all love it. When you end up loving Ghost Town, head over to Danielle’s website and download the track for F-R-E-E.

Let’s do our part to spread the word about Danielle’s music.  Rock music has basically zero female artists coming up that are worth mentioning. It’s refreshing to see a straight up sexy rock chick making a nice solid debut album.  I’ll be really interested to watch Danielle’s development as an artist in the coming years.

Album Review: Anna Calvi ‘Anna Calvi’

So far this year, there have been 4 new album releases that I can’t get enough of: 1) Adele ’21’ 2) Cinnamon Chasers ‘Science’ 3) Destroyer ‘Kaputt’ and 4) Anna Calvi ‘Anna Calvi.’ As the title suggests, this post is all about Anna Calvi and her emotionally charged self-titled debut album. I can’t get enough of it.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how passionate I am about music; however it does take a genius to make me feel passionate about their own. Every few years a new artist comes out with an album that possesses the almost instant ability to make me feel a giddy cornicopia of emotions every time I listen to it. Anna Calvi’s music to makes me want to date, break-up, love, hate, make love, fuck, and so-on..

Coming from a lifelong massive PJ Harvey fan, the obvious PJ comparisons are 100% warranted. But let me add another, more appropriate name into the mix: Siouxsie Sioux. While Siouxsie has the same ability as PJ to make one feel schitzophrenic with emotion, there’s also a much deeper undertone of sexuality within Siouxsie’s vocal performances. Anna’s music is very similar: Like PJ, her voice can be low and powerful or soft and seductive; but it’s always romantic and deeply sexual, like Siouxsie’s.

Highlights of the album include: No More Words, Desire, Suzanne & I, First We Kiss, Blackout, and Love Won’t Be Leaving.  Fans of PJ Harvey and Siouxsie Sioux should be all over this.

Check out the audio for today’s Daily Tune, ‘No More Words,’ below:

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