The Hotness: YesYou “Frivolous Life”

YesYou Frivolous Life ReviewYesYou is an Australian tropical pop duo, comprised of Jono & Gav. I’ve written about both of their last two singles; but the latest, Frivolous Life, is there best.

My love for music out of Australia and New Zealand has been going on for a few years now, and it doesn’t look like it will be dissipating anytime soon. There have been a whole host of bands taking a stab at a sound that I first remember hearing from the likes of Van She and Cut Copy about 5 years back. Those two bands gave birth to a musical movement that feels like a modern day version of the feel good sun-drenched pop territory first inhabited by The Beach Boys back in the 60s.

YesYou have been quietly releasing singles for the past year and a half; each one better than the last. They don’t particularly add anything new to the tried and true Australian beach pop of their predecessors,  but so what? Good music is good music, and this, my friends, is good fuckin music. Period.

On their latest single, Frivolous Life, they crank up the beats a tad and collaborate with Marcus Azon, aka the lead singer of Jinja Safari, aka one of the most brilliant Australian acts of the last few years. Marcus adds that gorgeous voice of his into the YesYou mix and the result is beach party magic. No, you won’t hear Frivoluous Life at your next party on the Jersey Shore (which is a good thing), but you will probably hear it at your next Australian beach party (because I’m sure you get to go to so many of those), as well as on the radio, where the single is currently blowing up.

Check out the video below.

*YesYou’s new single, Frivolous Life, is out now and self-released.


YesYou featuring Marcus Azon “Frivolous Life”

The Hotness: Bat For Lashes “The Haunted Man”

Bat For Lashes The Haunted Man Review Laura All Your GoldBat For Lashes is the stage name of English solo artist, Natasha Khan, and one of my favorite artists of the past 10 years. She is about to release her 3rd album, The Haunted Man, and it is a thing of beauty.

While listening to Bat For Lashes’s tunes, all sorts of  images pepper my mind. The one I always seem to go back to for some reason is an image of the life of a gypsy; her days, her thoughts, her emotions, her highs and lows. Each one of Bat For Lashes’s songs tell a story, and they’re all crafted so perfectly that it’s tough to know what the best part is. Is it the songwriting? Her voice? The production? Or is it her brutally honest lyricism? The whole package is simply incredible.

For me personally, the biggest selling point is her voice. Each song is built around passionate, powerful vocals; which fall somewhere on the Kate Bush-continuum stylistically, though lower than Kate’s in reality. Her harmonizing is at times breathtaking and generally dramatic, but it’s always interesting; you can’t help but want to go back to the beginning of each song to attempt to uncover a new vocal trick you might have missed upon first listen.

A few years ago, Bat’s single “Daniel” was the most played song in my iTunes library. While there’s no immediate standout track that I can see rivaling my (repeated) love of Daniel, I’m really enjoying The Haunted Man as a whole more than I did 2009’s Two Suns. I’ve already heard a few naysayers talking shit about the album, which personally I don’t get; this record is brilliant and I can’t stop listening to it.

The first single off the record is an INCREDIBLE heart wrenching ballad named “Laura.” However, I’ve decided to post the most radio friendly track and latest single off the album, All Your Gold. Have a look at the sexy video below.

*Bat For Lashes’s 3rd album, The Haunted Man, is out 22 October via The Echo Label.


Bat For Lashes “All Your Gold”

Breakbot’s “By Your Side” Will Make You Smile

Breakbot By Your Side Album Review Ed BangerElectro-house god Breakbot’s debut album, By Your Side, will put a smile on your face, a pep in your step and burn away all feelings of negativity.

This morning I woke up feeling very deflated. The weather outside is grey, I had a crappy meeting and it kind of went from there. Typically when I feel this way, I tend to stupidly indulge feelings of doom and gloom by putting on depressing, fuzzy, shoegaze-y type tunes from someone like Slowdive or Still Corners. However, today I decided to buck that trend and put on music that makes me feel happy. My choice? Breakbot’s cute debut album, By Your Side.

Breakbot is the recording moniker of French DJ, Thibaut Berland, and he’s been cranking out danceable tunes for the last 5 or so years. Personally, most of the contact I’ve had with his music has come in the form of remixes that he’s done for electro-infused artists, such as Royksopp, Air, Van She, Sneaky Sound System and MANY more. His trademark sound reminds me of a few things: 70s disco, old-school Michael Jackson, and 70s TV show theme songs – all of which you can’t really go wrong with.

On a day where I was feeling anything but inspired to write, Breakbot has gotten me back to that autumnal feeling of romance and happiness that always seems to kick in around this time of year. Just a wonderful record all around.

Have a listen to my favorite track off the album, One Out Of Two, two.

*Breakbot’s debut album, By Your Side, is out now, via Ed Banger Records.

**If you’re in the US, purchase the album from Beatport here:


Breakbot “One Out Of Two”

      Breakbot \"One Out Of Two\"

Kids Of 88’s Magnificent “Modern Love”

Kids Of 88 Modern Love Album ReviewNew Zealand’s Kids Of 88 have significantly upped their synthpop game on their magnificent sophomore album, Modern Love.

Falling somewhere between Van She’s wonderful “Happiness,” The Naked & Famous’s “Passive Me, Aggressive You” and Monarchy’s “Around The Sun,” Kids of 88’s new record still has the attitude of their first album, but makes a decided shift away from guitars and towards perfectly produced, catchy-as-hell synth-driven tribal-ish pop. (Was that enough adjectives for you in one sentence?)

The band is comprised of just two members: Lead singer, Sam McCarthy, and keyboardist, Jordan Arts. They received lots of exposure here in the US with their music being featured on several TV shows – mostly crime related (CSI, etc). While their debut was full of hooks and and plenty of heavy beats , this time around there’s more of a chill atmosphere to their tunes with songs like the sexy “Euphoria,” the dance-y “Zion” and the smooth “Feel The Love;” which suits my taste just fine.

Since hearing the album for the first time last week, I’ve been thoroughly addicted to the entire record; there’s not a bad track on it. Add them to the crop of albums of the year, for sure.

I’m a little confused by their choice of singles to release thus far, so I’ll just expose you to my own personal choice for best song, Feel The Love, below.

*Kids Of 88’s 2nd album, Modern Love, is out now via Dryden Street.


Kids Of 88 “Feel The Love”


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