Daily Dickhead: Newt “OWS Protesters Should Take Showers And Get Jobs” Gingrich

I haven’t had a chance to get my feelings on paper re: Occupy Wall Street. But, after paying close attention for the last week or so to everything from Michael Bloomberg’s uncalled-for raid of Zuccotti Park in NYC, to the countless offensive comments being hurled at the protestors via our elected/bought officials in Congress, I decided over the weekend that I simply can’t take it anymore. However, today, my anger is directed towards one man: Newt Gingrich.

While the past week has seen my blood boil steadily for the aforementioned reasons above, I officially blew my stack after watching the comments made by uber-slimeball/lying dickwad, Newt Gingrich, during the 844534599th Republican presidential debate in Iowa over the weekend.

According to Mediaite: “Gingrich argued that Occupy movement was grounded in entitlement– ‘all the Occupy movement starts with the premise that we all owe them everything.’ With that in mind, Gingrich explained that their point was to ‘self-righteously explain that they are the paragons of virtue to which we owe everything,’ which was indicative of ‘how the left has collapsed as a moral system.’ Gingrich concluded with a flourish that the group needs to ‘go get a job after you take a bath’ to raucous applause, and the praise of federal candidate Herman Cain.”

Before I go after Gingrich, let me just say that I find the Occupy Wall Street movement to be one of the most invigorating things to happen in my lifetime. The criticisms have been plenty: What is their goal? Who is their leader? Where do they poop? But in my mind, the message has been pretty clear: We want jobs and we’re sick of having a COUNTRY (not just an economy, but a COUNTRY) controlled only by the wealthiest people.

From healthcare to unemployment to corruption to social injustice, women’s rights and more, the amount of power that the wealthiest 1% have right now is staggering and appalling. Occupy Wall Street is an ENORMOUS movement filled with people that are upset about a whole myriad of issues and for a whole host of reasons.

Activism comes in all shapes and sizes and, truthfully, the only people that don’t understand activism are those that aren’t activists themselves.  From the obnoxiously loud, to the silently marching, the goal of activism is to get as many people as possible to talk about issues that aren’t being talked about – in the hopes of creating real change from the bottom up as opposed to from the top down. I think the protesters are doing a great job and I hope they’ll be able to keep it up through the cold winter months and beyond.

Ok, now let’s talk Newt Gingrich.

If the bar of ethics is being set by Newt Gingrich we are all in serious trouble. Gingrich is the same man who got President Clinton impeached for having an extra marital affair while he was in office……all while at the same time HE was having his own extramarital affair while…..um…IN OFFICE! He’s also a man who divorced his wife as she lay dying of cancer. I could go on and on, but in a nutshell he IS the slimiest of the slime.

Last Friday, Rachel Maddow took Gingrich to task in a way that only she can, when she said:

“Newt Gingrich… is a scam! Newt Gingrich’s profession since he got kicked out of Congress under a cloud of ethics charges related to fundraising, his full-time profession has been selling access to himself as someone who is influential because of his time as a public servant. He has been marketing the Speakership of the House for his own private financial gain to anybody who will pay him. Anybody he can scam money out of, even if he has to do it by fax with fake handwriting. For decades he has been doing this, this is why he is now a zillionaire.”

Watch Gingrich’s gross comments below and then Rachel Maddow’s perfect summary of why he sucks, below that.



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Daily Dickhead: Pastor Tom “Gays Have Intestinal Parasites” Vineyard

There are many legitimate reasons not to let gays have equal protection under the law – and by ‘many’ I mean zero. In the last few years we’ve heard that giving equal rights to gay people will lead to everything from men marrying farm animals, to an increase in natural disasters, to the ruining of countless heterosexual marriages – not to mention the resurrection of Mariah Carey’s career. But while all of those fears are completely warranted, the one we all really need to pay close attention to is the rampant trend of gay murderers infiltrating every major US city. Allow me to explain..

Yesterday, the great metropolis that is Oklahoma City voted 7-2 in favor of adding sexual orientation to the city’s law against discrimination in the workplace – which is a pretty healthy margin considering you’d be hard pressed to find a more conservative state in the union than Oklahoma.

After the vote (I think), a town hall meeting was held in the city for residents to voice their opinions on the measure. And though I’m sure there were a whole host of wonderfully mullet’d points of view spoken into the microphone, it’s difficult to imagine that anyone arrived to the forum on the same crazy train as a Pastor named Tom Vineyard; who said:

“Let me give you some statistics..while there are only 2%-3% of the population that are homosexual, they account for 60% of all syphilis cases; homosexuals account for a disproportionate number of  Hepititis cases in North America. 70-80% in San Francisco; 66% in New York; 56% in Toronto; 42% in Montreal. I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for when we’re looking towards other cities to keep up with them. Depending on the city, 30-39% of homosexuals are infested with intestinal parasites – common in 3rd World countries. Again, I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for when we look to other cities. Judge John Martaw, Chief Magistrate of the New York City criminal court stated ‘homosexuals account for half the murderers in large cities..”

Now, while it may seem as though Pastor Vineyard’s case against protecting gays from workplace discrimination is a little..oh, I dunno..random, he really does make a few compelling arguments. I mean for one, I think we can all agree that no one wants to work with someone who has syphilis or hepatitis – and  if we do, why we can’t fire them for having either disease is beyond me. (I’m hoping you are all sensing my sarcasm, here..). And thank god (as I’m sure Mr. Vineyard spends most of his waking days doing) that he cited Canadian statistics for his American argument because we all know how Canadians love to smuggle their STDs across the US border. Oh and I may just eat alone from now on if I have to eat lunch next to one more gay guy with intestinal parasites.


What a turd.

Watch the video below.

Daily Dickhead: Wegmans “Sell Breasts But Don’t Show Em” Grocery Store

Uh oh, parents.. something’s corrupting your kids. I’ll give you a hint: It’s not gory video games which encourage them to graphically murder one another. It’s also not Sesame Street and it’s pro-poverty agenda. It’s…..are you ready?…….. ADELE’S TITS! OH.MY.GODDDDDDDDDD!

Yes, earlier this week Jezebel reported that grocery store, Wegmans, has censored the December 2011 cover of Cosmopolitan magazine which features a little cleave action from singing goddess, Adele. Of course, like most curious types, the first thing I did upon reading of the de-boobage was Google the cover; fully expecting to see something akin to Janet Jackson’s nipplegate incident circa 2004. But all I saw was this:











..and, um..as gay as I am, I wasn’t scared by what I saw. Like at all.

When contacted, a spokesperson for Wegmans said that apparently they’ve been censoring Cosmopolitan for over a year after receiving several complaints from concerned parents who claimed that the magazine’s covers were too ‘risque’ to be displayed in full. Wegmans also said that, while they didn’t necessarily agree with the criticisms, they felt compelled to respond…by relegating Cosmopolitan into the smut section, presumably next to other magazines of the devil – you know, like Redbook.

Having been born into a European family, let me just say that the American fear of tits is one of the most bizarre phobias in a country full of them. I’ve never understood why we make such a big deal over the female body in this country; treating it as if it were something that’ll turn us to stone if we look at it for too long.

However, I have a theory and I’d like to test it out on all of you. It has to do with tainted breast milk. Studies have shown that breast milk is full of all sorts of amazing nutrients, vitamins, right? But what studies don’t show is that breast milk also contains a chemical which, when mixed with a healthy dose of fucktard salad (made in the womb), makes certain people scared of women. I know, I know..crazy right?

So, while Wegmans has no problem displaying naked chicken tits in their poultry section or men’s tits on the cover of GQ, any hint of milk-making female tits must be covered up! Genius!

Thanks, Wegmans for perpetuating stereotypes, shunning the female body middle east-style aaaaaaand being huge pussies.

Daily Dickhead(s): Sexual Abusers and Joe Paterno

I hadn’t planned on responding to the Penn State sex abuse scandal until I read Eve Ensler’s brilliantly angry piece about rape in the Huffington Post – and then I got mad.

The response to the Penn State sex abuse scandal has been one of the most disappointing things I’ve ever witnessed. From the muted response from the school itself to the outcry of support for the school’s beloved football coach, Joe Paterno, to the lack of focus placed on the victims themselves, I have never been more disgusted by another sex abuse scandal in my life. (Another sex abuse scandal? What kind of world do we live in that we have so many sex abuse scandals that I can rank them?)

Why am I so enraged about this subject specifically? Because it’s personal.

Many of you may be aware that I’m a survivor of sexual abuse – having been through one of the most horrific experiences as a child that you could ever imagine. As someone who prefers talking about other people’s problems as opposed to his own, understand that it’s difficult for me to talk about this. Extremely. But it’s more important to get the word out that surviving sexual abuse is a lifelong battle and one that’s taken me 30 years to overcome. 30 years – and it’s still a daily struggle.

For years I didn’t think I’d make it, and in fact was certain that I wouldn’t even make it to my 30th birthday. While most 4 year olds were learning how to tie their shoes, I was learning how to perform oral sex. And while everyone else was losing their teeth, I was losing my virginity. Think about that for a minute – then imagine what it must feel like to have a body conditioned to do one thing and a mind conditioned to do another. It’s torture, plain and simple.

I had problems focusing in school and was made to feel like an idiot when my report card would be littered with C’s, D’s and F’s. But no one had any idea what I was going through on a daily basis. I was more concerned with filling my body’s craving for danger than I was with filling everyone else’s need for me to be a good student. I tried so hard to focus and keep my demons at bay, but I was never able to. They always found a way of infiltrating my mind just as they’d physically infiltrated my body, at the hand of someone else, as a four year-old.

I’ve struggled for decades to accept myself and my body’s sexual desires. I’ve fought and fought and fought myself and I’ve only just begun to understand that it’s possible to keep your body’s craving for danger at bay and invite love inside instead. If that sounds crazy, it’s because it is! Because of what I went through as a four year-old, I’ve been forced to talk to my body and tell it that everything’s going to be ok. I’ve had to keep the craving for fear out, in order to try and lead some semblance of normal life – all while growing up as a homosexual male.

I’ve always struggled with using the word ‘survivor’ to describe myself after what I’ve been through. Why? Because like most victims, I’ve been shamed into a life of never wanting to play the victim. The way our fucked up society works, talking about sex is a no-no, and in the past few weeks we’ve seen victims of sexual harassment mocked instead of cared for; we’ve seen victims of sexual abuse ignored while people worry about a football coach and his legacy. Well I’m here to tell you right now that, while he may think of himself as part of the solution, Joe Paterno is part of the problem. A big part. He watched idly as boys were raped and now, at the age of 84, he finds himself old and having lived a great life – while victims of the rapes that he witnessed have had to struggle to survive.

I’m someone that doesn’t believe in holding grudges, but I also don’t always believe in forgiveness. I will never forgive the man who raped me as a young boy, stole my virginity and nearly confused me into committing suicide on many occasions. But I also don’t forgive Joe Paterno or any of the students that are supporting him right now. They have no idea what it’s like to live the life of somebody that’s been raped as a child – because, if they did, they wouldn’t forgive either.

Like Eve Ensler, I’m over it – and I don’t know what the solution is. Because if it were up to me, all abusers would be castrated and imprisoned for life. Whether it’s Chris Brown, Michael Vick or Jerry Sandusky, why should these men be allowed to go on and live normally after destroying the lives of others?

Answer? They shouldn’t.

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