The Hotness: Hannah Cohen “Child Bride”

Hannah Cohen Child Bride Album ReviewHannah Cohen is a SF-born, NYC-based (I think) singer-songwriter who released her gorgeously spare debut album, Child Bride, on Bella Union earlier this year.

I came across Hannah’s music through my friend (and amazing singer), Aaron Alexis; a friend of Hannah’s. Considering how much I love Aaron’s voice, I decided to take a stab and listen to some iTunes samples from Child Bride and immediately fell in love.

Admittedly, I’m not a jealous person; however, I can’t seem to think of another way to describe how I feel about Hannah’s upbringing. She comes from a family of poets, ministers, musicians, broadcasters, and booksellers. <——I literally just copied that last sentence verbatim from Wikipedia.

From there, she was a model and became ensconced in the NYC music scene; teaching herself how to play guitar while writing songs. The result has been my favorite album to listen to at night all summer long. Her voice is soft, the production even softer and each song leaves a wonderfully breezy feeling inside – even when the subject matter is a little painful.

Vocally, Hannah’s voice reminds me of a much more subdued version of Angela McCluskey’s (singer from Telepopmusik’s 2003 hit “Breathe”). There’s a hint of jazz vocalist in the way she sings, and it’ll be interesting to see if she ever explores that side of her talent.

But, for now, we have the 10 soothing tracks that make up Child Bride to enjoy. Put on some Sunday comfortable clothes, find a hammock (even if you have to trespass on someone’s lawn), close your eyes and listen to Hannah Cohen.

Check out my favorite songs, California and The Simplest, below.

*Hannah Cohen’s debut album, Child Bride, is out now via Bella Union.


Hannah Cohen “California”

      Hannah Cohen \"California\"


Hannah Cohen “The Simplest” 

      Hannah Cohen \"The Simplest\"

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