The Hotness: Bright Light Bright Light “Make Me Believe In Love”

Bright Light Bright Light Make Me Believe In Hope Album ReviewI know I’m late to the game on this one, but Bright Light Bright Light’s debut album , Make Me Believe In Hope, is easily one of the most versatile and best albums you’ll hear all year.

For those of you who are just hearing about Bright Light Bright Light for the first time, it’s actually the creation of one man; London-based solo artist, Rod Thomas.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him perform live twice in the past couple of years and he is truly one of the most gifted songwriters making music today. Each time I’ve seen him, there have been no dance beats, no bells and whistles; just Rod, his piano, and his stunningly enunciated voice. When you see any artist strip their songs down to just them and a piano, you get to really see their guts as a songwriter and performer; so it’s been an absolute pleasure to have a front row view into the window of Rod’s soul as I have at both of  the shows I’ve been to.

Make Me Believe In Hope has been in the works for years now and, while on the surface it may seem like a nonstop dance party, each song features some of the most beautifully insightful lyrics about love (past, present and future) that I’ve heard in quite some time. In fact, on both occasions that I’ve seen him perform, I’ve been moved to tears; mostly because of the deep connection I have for what he’s (possibly) been through and the optimism and honesty to which he approaches such pain. The entire record reads like a heart that’s been shattered and put back together again, and feels like one big lesson as to how we should all deal with loss.

Being as big of a fan of classic dance music as he is, Bright Light Bright Light has found a way to combine dance music with incredible lyrics; arguably a huge rarity, but one that fits like a fluorescent glove from 1991. As a certified beach bum, I tend to listen to music that’s upbeat while I soak up the rays; but I also love to sit there and lose myself deep in thought. I have a hell of a time finding albums that suit both desires; which is why I’m prepared to say that Make Me Believe In Love has been my favorite album of the summer. Absolutely brilliant in every way.

Check out the video for one of my favorite tracks, Disco Moment, below.

*Bright Light Bright Light’s debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, is out now via The Blue Team/Aztec Records.


Bright Light Bright Light “Disco Moment”


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