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Masha Qrella AnalogiesBerlin-based solo artist, Masha Qrella’s latest album, Analogies reminds me of The Cardigans on a vacation – and that’s a good thing.

Masha’s been a music making machine for years, but I’m just discovering her; better late than never, I suppose? She’s been a member of two bands and has already released 3 solo albums – I feel so out of the loop. Her voice reminds me a tad of Nina Persson’s (The Cardigans), but way less sugary sweet and with a little bit more edge to it than Nina’s; and also a little bit of Aimee Mann’s when she sings in her lower register.

I’ve been sitting on her new record for a few months waiting for the right moment to write about it, and today’s lazy hazy day by the beach seems like the perfect time. Her new album, Analogies, is a very nice collection of musically diverse, summery songs that it’s impossible not to want to give a few spins to. Each song has a laid back, happy vibe, regardless of the longing nature of some of the lyrics.

Definitely a nice discovery and someone I’ll be looking forward to hearing more from in the future. Check out my favorite songs from Analogies, Bluebottle and Fishing Buddies (which has a “Brokeback Version” as well), below.

*Masha Qrella’s 5th solo album, Analogies, is out now via Morr Music.


Masha Qrella “Bluebottle”

      Masha Qrella \"Bluebottle\"


Masha Qrella “Fishing Buddies”

      Masha Qrella \"Fishing Buddies\"

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