The Hotness: Yeasayer “Fragrant World”

Yeasayer Fragrant World Album ReviewBrooklyn’s Yeasayer are about to release their 3rd and best dancetastic studio album, Fragrant World, and I am seriously OBSESSED.

What is it about this summer that is bringing out the best albums of the year? After a disappointing first 6 months, music wise, the last couple of months have been a nonstop barrage of awesome records by Van She, The Ice Choir, Hot Chip, Cat Power, and more; and you can now add Yeasayer to that list.

The Brooklyn-based quintet is comprised of Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, Anand Wilder, Jason Trammell, and Ahmed Gallab. For those of you that are new to their music, Yeasayer are often time mentioned alongside some of my other favorite acts, such as Passion Pit and Hot Chip, but their sound has evolved more quickly than either one of those bands from album to album. Their debut album, All Hour Symbals, was a psychedelic affair complete with tribalish beats and Beach Boys-ish vocals that I had a difficult time warming up to. Perhaps it was just a little too abstract for me? Anyway, I really got on board, as many others did, with Yeasayer’s incredible 2010 album, Odd Blood; which added some pop sheen to their already eclectic sound.

Though I noticed the giant genre leaping between their 1st and 2nd albums, I can’t honestly say that I expected Fragrant World to be as straight up poppy as it is. Not that I’m complaining; on the contrary, I seriously think that, similar to Passion Pit on their latest album, Yeasayer have taken the sound from their last album and tightened up the production, added more hooks and given some serious homage to a dance-infused R&B sound this time around. The results are sick. Pretty much every track on Fragrant World is a stomper and makes you wish that The Neptunes would retire so that these guys could reconstruct the pop landscape, Yeasayer-style.

This is what modern pop should sound like from now on.

Favorite tracks include, Devil & The Deed, Reagan’s Skeleton, Damaged Goods, and Folk Here Shtick; two of which you can listen to below.

*Yeasayer’s 3rd album, Fragrant World, is out 20 August via Secretly Canadian.


Yeasayer “Devil & The Deed”

      Yeasayer \"Devil & The Deed\"


Yeasayer “Reagan’s Skeleton” 

      Yeasayer \"Reagan's Skeleton\"


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