The Hotness: Sensual Harassment “Disco Heart”

Brooklyn’s Sensual Harassment have just released one of the hottest, dirtiest tracks you’ll hear all year, Disco Heart, and I cannot get enough.

I’ve been a fan of these cats for a couple of years now and absolutely lived for their debut album, Alpha Draconis, when it came out a couple of years ago. Their brand of disco is the type that at times brings to mind a dancier Primal Scream (thanks to lead singer, Todd Thomas) and reminds me of the days where going to raves, swallowing pills, and having sex with the first person you could find was in vogue. Ahhhh, the 90s..

In their press release, they rightly mention Moroder-style Donna Summer dirty disco as an homage, but also mention the current late night parties lighting up Brooklyn weekends (of which I have yet to attend). Berlin has had its leather clad claws wrapped around the house music scene since I was in diapers, but thanks to acts like Sensual Harrassment, dirty disco belongs to Brooklyn and let’s hope it stays that way.

The video for Disco Heart is an extreme version of a trip down memory lane for me and features sex blogger and star of Vice TV series Slutever, Karley Sciortino, swallowing pills and taking a trip around the room (literally) as girls make out with girls, guys make out with girls and everybody makes out with everybody. Directed by Joel Fernando, this is one of the dirtiest, hottest videos I’ve seen all year for sure. Check it out below.

*Sensual Harassment’s 2nd album, Escape From Alpha Draconis, is out this fall. Can’t wait.


Sensual Harassment “Disco Heart”



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