The Hotness: Hot Chip “In Our Heads”

Hot Chip In Our HeadsOk, let’s talk Hot Chip.

Again, for those of you who are unaware, Hot Chip is a London-based 7-piece synthpoppy band (try saying that 7 times fast), comprised of lead singer, Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard, Owen Clarke, Felix Martin, Al Doyle, Sarah Jones, and Rob Smoughton. Woah, that was a mouthful.

They’ve been around since 2000 and have always been one of those bands that I’ve followed pretty closely. Each one of their albums has had a few really solid songs – and some of them have had a bunch; but, in my opinion, none of them have reached the heights of their 5th and latest album, In Our Heads.

I dunno about you, but (depending on the artist) I tend to hate it when otherwise dance-y pop bands throw a few ballads in for “good measure.” Either put the ballads at the end or don’t put them anywhere at all. I mean how much of a buzzkill is it when you’re dancing around your room in your underwear like a fool for about 20 minutes nonstop until all of a sudden you have to stop and chill for 5 minutes of schmaltzy breakup ballad slop? The only possible explanation I have for such a silly move is that maybe these bands are thinking about our health and believe that we should rest every 15 minutes in between our dance workouts?

Anyway, my point is that Hot Chip have been known to throw ballads into the middle of their albums which totally changes the mood of the album for no reason. Thankfully, on In Our Heads, they’ve decided to largely abandon that approach (with the exception of 2 songs) in favor of a barrage of dance floor stompers; complete with memorable chorus after chorus. With In Our Heads, Hot Chip have created an album for each part of your night: Getting ready, traveling to your destination, dancing your face off for hours, and coming down. This is a 9pm-4am type record.

If I were pressed to give a comparison, I would say that In Our Heads reminds me most of Moloko’s vastly overlooked 2003 masterpiece, Statues. Moloko always did a great job of even making their ballads quirky, and that’s what Hot Chip does here (Look At Where We Are; Now There Is Nothing).

A giant leap in the right direction, In Our Heads is the masterpiece that I always thought Hot Chip would make one day. Every song is great, but my faves are: Motion Sickness, Ends Of The Earth, Always Been Your Love, and the first single, Night And Day. Watch that song’s video below.

*Hot Chip’s 5th album, In Our Heads, is out now via Domino (and available for only $7.99!).


Hot Chip “Night And Day”

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