The Hotness: Passion Pit “Gossamer”

Passion Pit GossamerOk, so I’ve said millions of times that I mostly enjoy writing about unsigned or independent artists. For this week, I may have to abandon that just a little because there have been a handful of major-ish label releases that I’ve been thoroughly addicted to. And the best of the bunch is probably the new Passion Pit album.

Ho-lee fuck.

For those of you who are unaware, Passion Pit is a Boston area-based quintet comprised of lead singer, Michael Angelakos, Ian Hultquist, Ayad Al Adhamy, Jeff Apruzzese, and Nate Donmoyer. A few years ago, they released one of the best albums of 2009 with their debut, Manners, and since then they’ve really blown up and gained massive following.

I actually got into Passion Pit totally by accident when I saw their name written on a concert flyer and took a pic of it with my iPhone simply because I liked the name. Isn’t it weird how sensory driven we can be? Anyway, I took a total leap of faith without ever even hearing one of their songs; and purchased Manners on iTunes and, well, the rest is history.

While classified as an electropop band, I actually feel as though Passion Pit is full of soul and, to me, comes across more like babymaking party music for hipsters – something I am not. They use all kinds of production tricks to make the songs unique enough, while also making it accessible enough to fit in nicely in between your Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse records – without sounding much like either one of those bands.

4 out of the 5 guys in the band went to Berklee School Of Music in Boston; which makes a ton of sense once you discover how full each song is. The band is a truly collaborative effort – even if it is lead by the Michael’s GORGEOUS voice.

Whereas many artists and bands fall prey to the dreaded sophomore slump (see Ladyhawke), Passion Pit’s second album, Gossamer, is a pretty large leap forward. Every track is full of sing-a-long choruses and matched by full production and sexy vocals. One of the albums of the year for sure.

Check out two of my favorite tracks, Constant Conversations and Love Is Greed, below.

Buy Gossamer and make babies.

*Passion Pit’s 2nd album, Gossamer, is out tomorrow via Columbia Records.


Passion Pit “Constant Conversations”

      Passion Pit \"Constant Conversations\"


Passion Pit “Love Is Greed”

      Passion Pit \"Love Is Greed\"

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