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Foxes Warrior EPFoxes is the recording moniker of UK-based solo artist, Louisa Rose Allen – a lovely young lady with big eyes and an even bigger singing voice.

She’s been featured on a whole host of blogs over the past year or so, but it’s only recently that I became hip to her music after reading some great descriptions about her music that made it sound right up my alley – which it is.

The music is certainly pop, and even more so then most of the acts I tend to write about. But her brand of pop is more orchestral and sweeping than many of her contemporaries; and well produced without being over-produced. For some reason, I keep going back to Souxsie & The Banshees while listening to the backdrop of her gorgeously restrained voice. The way she sings reminds me of a much more coherently pop version of Bjork’s or even Sinead O’Connor’s – in a nutshell, she’s got some pipes on her for sure.

Now before you Siouxsie, Bjork and Sinead fans go postal on me, I want you to really listen to ALL of the music on her EP carefully and a few times in a row before making your judgment. Of course, these are just first impressions after listening to the entire record a few times. Understand that I’m only speaking about the production (re: Siouxsie) and the vocal style (re: Bjork/Sinead). The point is that there’s a subtle and unique beauty that Foxes seems to like to explore with her music which sets her apart from the crowd of pop tarts currently making overproduced dance slop.

Without question, Foxes’s feminine (and at times low) voice is the centerpiece to each track; with my favorite being the galloping “White Coats” – which (of course) doesn’t speak to any of the comparisons I mentioned above. Have a listen below.

*Foxes’s new EP, Warriors, is out now via Sign Of The Times Limited. (..whatever that is)


Foxes “White Coats”

      Foxes \"White Coats\"

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