The Hotness: Carrie Haber

Carrie Haber is a London (I think) – based solo artist who has an energetic piano pop style and some fun tracks to boot.

Currently (and head-scratchingly) unsigned, I’d imagine it’s only a matter of time before someone snatches her up. The first song I heard by Carrie is also her latest single, I’d Rather Die. The song is a great pop song that at times reminds me, musicially and lyrically, of a more energetic Fiona Apple; and vocally of a less polished Regina Spektor. There’s also elements of Gwen Stefani in a few of her songs; especially I Need A Distraction, which sounds primed for pop radio right alongside Sara Bareilles.

However, even with taking all of those artists into consideration, Carrie really has something special with that interesting voice of hers. She’s got beautiful range from song to song, and seems very comfortable hopping around various elements of the pop soundscape.

Not yet convinced? Well, it seems as though Carrie was asked to perform privately for none other than my favorite female voice of all-time, Annie Lennox. Annie said to Carrie “you moved me,” which is about all I would need to hear for the rest of my life to know that I was on the right track.

I’d love if Carrie got the attention she deserves and will continue to support her exciting talent while she follows her dream. Lovely stuff.

Check out her debut EP, TAURUS, below – and then head on over to her page on SoundCloud for more.

(Oops, I just noticed that Carrie has it set so that two of the songs can’t be streamed unless you’re listening on SoundCloud. Just click the links and it’ll take you there.)

*Carrie Haber’s debut EP, TAURUS, is out now and self-released.


Carrie Haber “I’d Rather Die”


Carrie Haber “Fisherman”


Carrie Haber “I Need A Distraction”



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  1. city says:

    Thank you Fred for bringing Carrie to our attention. I’m in love!

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