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Sophia Knapp Into The WavesSophia Knapp is a Brooklyn-based solo artist and lead singer of a band named Cliffie Swan. Personally, I’ve never heard of Cliffie Swan; however, after being turned on to her incredible debut album, Into The Waves, I am going to have to check them out for sure.

I received a promo copy of Into The Waves just after I’d gotten out of the hospital in April, and it sat for weeks before I began truly exploring it. Man, what a great album. Her sound is very diverse and reminds me most of Stevie Nicks (The Right Place), but there are also elements of early Feist (Close To Me) and very early Cranberries (Evermore). The entire album is pretty daydreamy; sifting and swaying effortlessly from one song to the next.

Because I didn’t really know what to expect, it’s probably not fair to say that Sophia’s record has turned into the biggest surprise of the year for me. However, I’m pretty sure I didn’t expect to hear anything like it this year. The sound she’s perfected isn’t exactly blowing up the indie airwaves right now, but with 90s dance ruling the ears of most hipsters of late, it’s about time that 80s/90s-style female vocalists got their time in the spotlight, too.

Give Sophia’s record a few listens before making any kind of a judgment. It took me a little longer to really get reeled in – but now I’m so reeled in, I can’t escape its beauty. Brilliant.

Check out my two favorite tracks, The Right Place and Close To Me, below.

*Sophia Knapp’s debut album, Into The Waves, is out now via Drag City.


Sophia Knapp “The Right Place”

      Sophia Knapp \"The Right Place\"


Sophia Knapp “Close To Me”

      Sophia Knapp \"Close to Me\"

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