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Lissy Trullie Lissy Trullie You Bleed YouLissy Trullie is a DC-born, NYC-based solo artist whose androgynous look and low voice has had critics saying ‘yum’ for the last few years. (I don’t know if that’s actually what they’ve been saying, but I’m tired and couldn’t come up with anything better.)

She first came onto my map a couple of years ago when I walked into my best friend Emil’s office/store in Brooklyn. Emil and his brother Sandy launched their own clothing company, The Hill-Side, and men’s clothing shop, Hickoree’s Hard Goods, a couple of years ago – and they’ve always been known to have the hottest music playing in their store.

A couple of summers ago, Emil was blasting Lissy Trullie’s debut, Self-Taught Learner, and I immediately asked who it was. After Googling her, we found out that she was the face of Chloe Sevigny’s clothing line before launching her solo music career. (Chloe went to our high school; which made me even more intrigued to find out more.)

We went over to the computer and ended up watching a couple of her music videos; I fell in love right away. From that point, I kept my eyes open for any word of a debut album release, but didn’t hear much until early this year when her single, Madeleine, was remixed by Brooklyn-based new wave-y sexpots, Selebrities. A few months later, Lissy’s self-titled debut was finally released.

While that story may be boring as fuck, her music is anything but. Lissy’s sound reminds me a lot of Kate Jackson and her (now defunct) UK band, The Long Blondes. Between her intriguing low voice and genre hopping guitar driven rock, I’ve had her latest album on HEAVY rotation for the past couple of months. In fact, the first song I heard upon being released from the hospital a couple of months ago was “You Bleed You” which you can listen to below.

*Lissie Trullie’s self-titled 2nd album is out now via Downtown/Wichita.


Lissy Trullie “You Bleed You”

      Lissy Trullie \"You Bleed You\"


Lissy Trullie “Madeleine (Selebrities Remix)”

      Lissy Trullie \"Madeleine (Selebrities Remix)\"


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