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Van She Idea Of Happiness Jamaica You're My Rescue Beat Of The Drum We Move OnYour perfect summer album has arrived in the form of yet another great new album, Idea Of Happiness, by Australian quartet, Van She.

Music geeks, such as I, have fond memories of Van She’s schizophrenic masterpiece of a debut album, V; released a few years ago. But, though that record did show off the songwriting chops that these guys had proven on their first few releases (EPs, singles, etc), it felt a tad scattered at times. On Idea Of Happiness, they’ve taken it to the next level, while managing to stay remarkably cohesive at the same time. Songs such as Beat Of The Drum, You’re My Rescue, and We Move On, suggest Brian Wilson making a baby with Haircut 100 and Gypsy & The Cat on a beach in Ibiza. (Not sure why I chose just roll with it.)

After a string of so-far disappointing releases from some of my favorite artists of all-time (Fiona Apple, Madonna, etc), Van She’s new record is all about summertime fun; just in time for the season’s launch. Shit, even the instrumental tracks are compelling. They certainly have a ton of influences, but their sound is still incredibly fresh – you get the point; I’m thoroughly obsessed with this record.

During a time of year and of my life that needs some mindless living-in-the-moment fun, Idea Of Happiness is exactly the record I’ve wanted and needed to hear in 2012. Check out a couple of my favorite tracks, “Beat Of The Drum” and “You’re My Rescue” below. Oh and “We Move On” – that one’s hot as fuck, too. Oh and Jamaica. Ugh, I can’t choose!

*Van She’s 2nd album, Idea Of Happiness, is out 6 July via Modular.


Van She “Beat Of The Drum”

      Van She \"Beat Of The Drum\"


Van She “You’re My Rescue”

      Van She \"You're My Rescue\"


Van She “We Move On”

      Van She \"We Move On\"


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  1. Kevin Ponder says:

    I’m down with “Beat of the Drum”. Not quite as good as Kelly (Flatley) off of V, but very good.

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