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"Ren Harvieu ThroughThe Night" I’ve always had a thing for Bacharach-esque music from the 60s. If there were another era I wished I could’ve lived in, that’d be the one – mostly because of the parallels to where we are currently, both as a nation and a world.

I dunno about you but, as political of a person that I am, I find myself either looking for the humor in every situation or seeking asylum from it. The older I get, the less I want to indulge feelings of fear and sadness. Easier said than done, I suppose; but artists, such as the one I’m about to introduce you to, take me to another place – a place that makes me feel entirely happy.

I’m a big fan of music from the 60s, as that’s what I was raised on. I still remember dancing around the living room as a toddler with my mother while belting out Beach Boys songs. But I guess if I had to choose a 60s influenced sound that I’ve kept going back to the most, it’d have to be anything produced by Burt Bacharach.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Bacharach is responsible for launching the careers of everyone from Dusty Springfield to Dionne Warwick – and his influence is still heard today; usually with mixed results. BUT but but…….I believe I’ve discovered an artist that blends the best of Bacharach with a little bit of two of her biggest influences, Alicia Keys and Joni Mitchell. Her name is Ren Harvieu and, while way less stuck in one genre than any of those artists, Ren has the soul of Alicia with the folksiness of Joni; all powered by one of the most sultry and gorgeous voices I’ve heard in quite a while.

(FYI, no, dickheads, I’m not putting Ren on the same pedestal as Joni Mitchell, Alicia Keys, Dionne Warwick, or Dusty Springfrield – so, chill.)

Her stunning debut album, Through The Night, was finally released last month after a year recovering from a broken back. There’s soul, there’s folk and there’s some of that Bacharach-style torch influence that I love – and I’ve been ADDICTED to the entire album for the past few weeks. Definitely an Album Of The Year contender for sure.

Check out two of my favorite tracks, “Tonight” and “Dancing On Her Own” below.

*Ren Harvieu’s debut album, Through The Night, is out now via Island Records.


Ren Harvieu “Tonight”

      Ren Harvieu \"Tonight\"


Ren Harvieu “Dancing On Her Own”

      Ren Harvieu \"Dancing On Her Own\"


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