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Erika Spring Debut EP CascineErika Spring is one third of everybody’s favorite Brooklyn-based female trio, Au Revoir Simone, of which (of whom? I always fuck that up) I’m a big fan. She has a soft feminine voice unlike anyone else out there right now – at least that I can come up with off the top of my sleepy head.

Oh and PS: Erika is also the latest signing to one of my favorite record labels on the planet, Cascine.

I was going to delay my ‘comeback’ from 6 months of illness for another week..until I began listening to Erika’s self-titled debut over the weekend; and it inspired me to come out of hibernation today.

I’ve heard a ton of music, obviously, in 2012; but for my current tastes, nothing of late has come close to satisfying me aurally the way that Erika has on this record. (Hopefully that last line sounds less offensive coming from a gay man.) One minute she’s folktronica, the next she’s subtle synthpop and, at times, even a little shoegaze-y.  The production on the record is purrrrrfect and brings it all together (as most good production does, of course).

That said, I have to admit I was a little nervous upon noticing she’d added a cover of one of my favorite songs by The Eurythmics, When Tomorrow Comes. In my opinion anything by Annie Lennox is sacred territory, and it’s a ballsy move for anyone to cover one of her songs. But Erika nails it by turning the song into a beautiful ballad and letting the emotion of the lyrics and her soothing vocals take over.

Breezy, summery, a little dark at times – yet always beautiful – Erika Spring’s debut is coming out at the right time of the year and deserves to get some serious mileage throughout the rest of it. Buy it.

Have a listen to the first single, Hidden, and download it for F-R-E-E below.

*Erika Spring’s self-titled debut is out 10 July via Cascine.


Erika Spring “Hidden”

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