The Hotness: Donkeyboy

Donkeyboy Silver Moon On FireDonkeyboy is a Norwegian pop quintet comprised of lead singer, Cato Sundberg, and Kent Sundberg, Peter Michelsen, Thomas Drabløs, and Alexander Garborg Ågedal. As is the case with many Scandinavian bands, Donkeyboy are all about making songs that seep into one’s consciousness and hold them ransom for days. One word: Hooks. Their sound is pop and reminds me of what the lovechild between Abba and Def Leppard would sound like if said lovechild had just enough in common with its parents, but not too much. Does that make any fucking sense? It does to me. Bottom line is that these guys fuckin rock and their 2nd album, Silver Moon, has been more or less on repeat for the past couple of months on my iPod. Every song is great and it’s definitely one of those albums you can put on without skipping any tracks. My favorite song is called On Fire, and you can listen to it below. *Donkeyboy’s 2nd album, Silver Moon, is out now.   Donkeyboy “On Fire”

      Donkeyboy \"On Fire\"

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