VIDEO PREMIERE: Cassie “King Of Hearts”

Cassie is the recording moniker of NYC-based solo artist, Cassandra Ventura. She was born in New London, CT – which is about an hour or so north of where I grew up.

I tend not to spend too much time writing about major label artists with huge recording budgets such as Cassie, mostly because there are so many artists without fancy gimmicks behind them; making music that goes largely unnoticed. However, good music is good music and Cassie’s latest single “King Of Hearts” ticks all of the boxes in my love of sexy sweet dance pop.

I had to look up Cassie’s music because, though I knew I’d heard of her, I wasn’t quite sure how or where. I came across her slinky hit single from 2006, Me & U, which either topped the pop charts or came pretty close. I don’t pay attention to what gets played on the radio these days, but I do remember that song was everywhere.

Fast forward 6 years later, and Cassie is finally ready to release the follow-up to her top 5 charting self-titled debut. I have no clue if the rest of the record will be as good as King Of Hearts, but here’s hoping; because this song is probably my favorite pop jam I’ve heard all year. Oh and the video? Awesome. Cassie is beyond gorgeous; effortlessly pulling off the same type of sex appeal that seems forced from some of her peers, i.e., Rihanna.

Check out the video for “King Of Hearts” below.

*Cassie’s 2nd album, Electro Love, will be out in May via Bad Boy/Interscope.


Cassie “King Of Hearts”

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