The Hotness: Work Drugs

Work Drugs License To DriveWork Drugs is a Philly-based ‘sedative wave, smooth-fi’ duo, comprised of Thomas Chrystal and Benjamin Louisiana.

I have a major soft spot for Philadelphia, in general, having spent the majority of my 20s there. Over the years, Philly’s always had an interesting and bustling music scene – with everything from rave, to indie rock, garage rock, hip hop – and tons of awesome venues at which to see all of this wonderful music.

Last year, I told you guys about Work Drugs’s brand of chillwave, which quickly had me entranced for days on end. Well, these guys have picked up right where they left off in 2011, a year which saw them release their solid self-titled debut, by putting out a brand new track, called License To Drive – and it’s their best song yet.

License To Drive is the exact type of song that the increasingly boring genre of chillwave needs. It’s lo-fi, but wave-y, and feels like the perfect introduction to a burgeoning spring romance or a drive through the countryside with a best friend.

Totally beautiful.

*Work Drugs’s latest single, License To Drive, is out now.


Work Drugs “License To Drive”

VIDEO PREMIERE: Mint Julep “To The Sea”

I’ve been all over Mint Julep‘s latest album, Save Your Season, since its release in late November of last year.

A few weeks ago, you may remember that I featured my favorite track off the album, To The Sea. Well, do I have a good ear or what? To The Sea has just been released as the 3rd single off Save Your Season and if you haven’t heard it yet, you need to. Holly’s breathy vocal + dark synthy beat + a hook that won’t quit = get into it.

Watch the (typically amazing) video for To The Sea below.

*Mint Julep’s new album, Save Your Season, is out now via Village Green/Unseen Music.


Mint Julep “To The Sea”

The Hotness: Terranova

Terranova Hotel Amour album coverTerranova is a German trip hop-y dance pop trio comprised of Fetisch, Marco Meister and Kaos who have been around for YEARS. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, they were one of the first artists signed to (one of my favorite indie labels of all-time) !K7 Records, along with Kruder & Dorfmeister, Rae & Christian, Nicolette, and countless others.

Over the years, Terranova have collaborated with everyone from Tricky to Ari Up to Nicolette Krebitz and more; but they came onto my map way back in the late 90s when I heard one of their songs being played at Banana Republic in Philly when I worked there. (I know, I know..)

The only good thing about working at Banana Republic was all of the awesome music they used to play in the store. These were the days before Shazaam, and pretty much also before the internet and cell phones – so trying to discover music was way more of an adventure back then than it is now. Needless to say, my boss HATED me because, being the giant geek that I am, I basically spent way more time trying to find out the name of the song behind played in the background…aaaaaaand less time helping bitches try on camisoles.

But back to Terranova..

They’ve just released a gorgeous new album, entitled Hotel Amour, which features vocal contributions from Billie Ray Martin and a bunch of artists you’ve probably never heard of. However, if you’re like me and tend to love the music being played at Banana Republic, you’ll probably love Terranova’s chilled-out lounge which brings to mind a sipping-a-martini-while-sitting-in-a-beach-chair-overlooking-the-French-Riveria version of  Basement Jaxx.

Have a listen to “Aint No Thing” featuring Snax, below.

*Terranova’s new album, Hotel Amour, is out now via Kompakt Records.


Terranova featuring Snax “Ain’t No Thing”

VIDEO PREMIERE: Saint Etienne “Tonight”

Saint Etienne Words and Music by Saint Etienne Saint Etienne is a UK-based indie dance trio consisting of Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley, and Pete Wiggs.

Having spent every summer of my youth in England with my family, I grew up listening to Saint Etienne’s music and they’ve always held a very special place in my heart. For me, they’ve tended to be more of a ‘singles’ band than an album band, though they’ve certainly released more than a few classic records over the years.

“Too Young To Die” was the name of Saint Etienne’s first collection of singles, which came out in 1995. Their sound has always reminded me of a lovechild between The Cardigans and Kylie Minogue, though Sarah’s voice is way lower than that of both Nina Persson and Kylie.

It’s been 7 years since Saint Etienne last released an album – which is mind boggling to me considering I remember the day one of my friends told me about having just purchased 2005’s Tales From Turnpike House as if it were yesterday. But they’re getting ready to release their 8th studio album, Words and Music by Saint Etienne, in May. The first offering from that release comes in the form of “Tonight” – which has Kylie written all over it. In fact, it’s probably one of the best singles they’ve released in over a decade.

Love love love love love.

Check out the video below.

*Saint Etienne’s 8th album, Words and Music by Saint Etienne, is out 21 May.


Saint Etienne “Tonight”

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