Daily Dickhead(s): Mike and Cindy “I Reverse Hysterectomies” Jacobs

We all know that America’s favorite Gay Demon Exorcist, Cindy Jacobs, has the answer to all of life’s mysteries thanks to her special inside track with god. God’s helped her to thwart attempted government coups in Africa and he’s helped Cindy realize that the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was responsible for massive amounts animal suicides around the world, last spring. Well recently, Cindy added to her supernatural resume when she told viewers of her show with husband (wink, wink) Mike, God Knows, that she recently reversed a hysterectomy. Amazing. Is there anything this woman can’t do?!

Personally, I’ve become very aware of hysterectomies in the past year. Why? Well, when you google Fred Hystere (or simply Hystere), you’re presented with the choice of all things related to hysterectomies. From now on, just call me Fred Hysterectomy.

Anyway..moving along.

Watch below as Cindy’s ‘husband’ gets so excited speaking about his “wife’s” hysterectomy-reversing abilities, that you’ll swear he’s giving a handjob under the table while secretly wishing he were wearing Cindy’s GORGEOUS maroon tinfoil blouse.


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