Fred Hystere’s #3 EP Of 2011: St. Lucia “St. Lucia”

Believe it or not, 2011 was one the best years ever for new talent in the music industry. Of the many great things to happen in music this year, the emergence of the EP was one of the most interesting. The EP (which stands for ‘extended play’) is basically a mini-album, and it’s become a way for major labels to test the waters and wet the whistles of an artist’s fanbase. But it’s also the best (and most affordable) way for independent artists to release their music. These are my Top 10 EPs of 2011. #3 is St. Lucia‘s self-titled debut.

St. Lucia is a Brooklyn-based solo artist who has created one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous tropical pop records in recent memory.

It may sound corny, but one of the things that I love the most about St. Lucia is that everything seems possible while listening to his music. Maybe it’s because I’m kind of a romantic beach bum at heart, but in the next few years I envision myself living somewhere warm; near the water and writing all day for a living.

His songs makes me incredibly hopeful for the future and happy to be in the present. There’s an innate romance to his music that went unparalleled for me in 2011 and left me dreaming about dancing around the beach at night.

You all need this EP. Every song is amazing. Buy it when it comes out.

*St. Lucia’s self-titled debut will be out soon (?) via HeavyRoc Records. (The press release said it’d be out last week, but I can’t find a link! I’ll update this post when I have one, though.)!/stlucianewyork


St. Lucia “We Got It Wrong”


St. Lucia “The Old House Is Gone”


St. Lucia “All Eyes On You”


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