Daily Dickhead: Linda “Save Kids From Lesbian Doctors” Harvey

No stranger to being named my Daily Dickhead, Linda Harvey is the founder of Mission:America, an organization which invites you to ‘learn the truth about homosexuality, witchcraft, changing Christian church, radical feminism and the youth culture.’

Apart from seemingly despising Halloween, Linda Harvey is also an asshole; possessing more hate inside her FUPA than she’s able to fit inside those giant shopping bags under her Cruella DeVille eyes. She hosts her own radio show called Do Me Doggy Because I Look Like One (or something) where she likes to find unique ways to out-antigay her anti-gayness.

I’ve spoken before about the random tangents Harvey seems to enjoy going on concerning topics such as why schools need to stop teaching kids how to be transsexual and why we need to bulldoze gay bars. But now, Linda would like to warn you about something so scary that I’m actually shaking as I’m typing this: GAY DOCTORS (Yes, I capitalized both words for ultimate scary effect.)

She says: “Let’s say your eleven year-old has broken her leg rather badly and needs to be in the hospital a few days, which would you prefer: a nurse who’s proud of her lesbianism, who has rainbow identifiers on her work clothing, or a nurse who does not?

I would like to suggest that parents think long and hard about this. If you want your children to admire people who proclaim a homosexual lifestyle, they’re involvement with your child during a hospital stay is sure to be an influence. And let me be clear that folks involved in these behaviors can be certainly competent workers but they are tacking on to their workplace identity one that is highly offensive to many people and can be erroneously influential to children who won’t, or shouldn’t, see the whole picture of how this behavior really manifests itself.

Here’s what parents can do: select your pediatrician very carefully, first of all. There are a few homosexual doctors treating kids, there are far more nurses, LPNs, technicians and other health care workers in these lifestyles so you may want to consider writing a letter that you file with your pediatrician that should your child ever be hospitalized, you do not want your child to be treated or cared for by one of these members of the Children’s Hospital gay employees group except in the case of an emergency situation. But for routine in-hospital care, where contact with your child would be required, your values should be respected.”

Linda brings up SO MANY valid points that, once again, I feel the need to write her an open letter:

Dear Linda,

I’m glad you’ve brought attention to the rampant strain of lesbianism currently gripping hospitals in the Midwest. If I have to visit ONE MORE hospital in Ohio where the entire staff looks like as though they’ve stepped out of an Indigo Girls concert, I may lose my mind. I mean, is there really anything worse than a lesbian that takes advantage of 11 year-olds with broken legs who clearly can’t run from the incessant noise of Melissa Etheridge’s Greatest Hits in the background?

It’s also a good thing that you blew the horn on the issue of children who admire homosexuals — if I had a nickel for every 7 year-old that approaches me and says ‘I really admire you, gay man,’ I could easily retire tomorrow.

Also, thank you for alerting us to the dangers of gay hospital workers who love to ‘influence’ children who stay in hospitals — because it truly is an epidemic. So much so, that I infact BECAME gay during a hospital stay for appendicitis at the age of 10. On a daily basis, I was surrounded by lesbians who even had their own candy-striping overalls that they wore to work every day. Against my will, I was chained to my bed while George Michael’s “Father Figure” was played on repeat for hours and hours while I cried and begged for “Livin On A Prayer.” And now look at me. LOOK AT ME! I’m a GAY!

While I may not have been saved by the evil reality of gay doctors, I know that all is not lost — thanks to your BRAZILIANT last paragraph instructing parents on how to choose a pediatrician! Have you ever thought about writing a book on the subject? Because you just seem so knowledgeable and it’s a shame to think that all of your wonderful ideas may not be read by the masses. I have so many heterosexual friends who are new to parenting that need to know things such as the fact that ‘there are far more (gay) nurses’ than doctors. Who knew?! I mean, these lezbos must think they’re at Home Depot! Am I right?

Anyway, thanks again for your continued commitment to giving informed commentary on gay people. See you at The Clit Club next Saturday?

Come To My Window,

Jane Lynch


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