Daily Dickhead: Victoria “Obama’s A Marxist” Jackson

Former SNL cast member and fan of scrunchies, Victoria Jackson, is quite possibly the biggest bible-thumping space cadet living in a country full of them.

You may remember when a few months ago Victoria-Miss Jackson-Cuz-She’s-Nasty made a bizarre appearance on HLN to rail against a gay kiss on Glee. Well she’s back and last week decided it would be a good idea to dress like Cyndi Lauper’s crackhead twin and bring her tea bagging values to the Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC to interview some of the people marching…but not before riding in a cab and lamenting that the NYC skyline doesn’t include the Twin Towers because “some Muslims crashed into them” while bonding over a mutual love of Jesus with the driver.

Jackson’s always had the voice of a 6 year old lesbian Muppet but, as you’ll see below, her reading level is probably more like that of a 3 year old (ie: she hasn’t learned how to yet). She believes that the protesters are ‘against capitalism’ and thinks that ‘capitalism is a great thing’ yet she clearly has no idea what it even is.

Out of 15 minutes, Jackson uttered painful comment after painful comment, including::

  1. Don’t the rich people..aren’t they the ones who create all the jobs?
  2. I do want to save our Republic
  3. Did you know that Obama’s friends with the guy in charge of GE?
  4. So you’re going to vote for Obama and he’s the one that’s in bed with the corporations?
  5. So you’re not concerned that Obama’s a Marxist?
  6. ..but Jesus said a man should work for his living, not get a handout.
  7. ..but class warfare is Marxist.
  8. Were you inspired by the Egyptian protests?
  9. I’m in the tea party — we’re not violent, we don’t even leave litter.

It’s tough to take her seriously, considering she speaks as if she’s been soaking her tea bags in Smirnoff and eating them whole, and the bitch is obviously more than a couple of pancakes short of a stack.  However, she speaks for a frighteningly large portion of Tea Partiers and people in general. Crazy, huh?

But the real star of the show is the guy who gets the majority of the questions towards the end and, as you’ll see, he held his own beautifully. (Oh and..um..he’s also kind of hot, too, which is always nice.)

Check out the video below.

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