Masters Of The Radio; Van Go Lion; & Kele are The Hotness!

Masters Of The Radio; Van Go Lion; & Kele are today’s feature artists on The Hotness, a daily look at 3 songs that are amazing, essential and sure to make you horny.

Masters Of The Radio is a UK duo comprised of Anthony Paul Stevens and Matthew McMahon. I’ve written about these guys before and was muy excited to receive a copy of their latest single “Close To You” upon its arrival a few days ago. The song brings to mind a musical orgy with the likes of INXS and Pet Shop Boys; thanks to Anthony’s sing-speak vocals and the dark synthy production and beats that pulsate throughout. At first listen, I thought that maybe Anthony’s vocals needed to be louder..until I realized that I’m a fucking moron and should probably turn up the volume. My hair may have turned to brown over the years, but apparently my brain is still blond as ever! Anyway, if the idea of hearing a 2011 fresh interpretation of bands such as Tears For Fears, INXS and Pet Shop Boys is your bag, then I highly recommend giving “Close To You” a spin. Actually, fuck that. Even if your favorite artists include Shitney Spears and RuPaul, you should listen to this song anyway. Oh and make sure when you give the song a few spins that you do so WITH THE VOLUME UP.

*Masters Of The Radio’s debut EP, The Pleasure Age, will be out this fall and self-released.


Masters Of The Radio “Close To You” (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


Van Go Lion is a Portland-based electropop duo comprised of singer, Amy Paige, and producer, Josh Loerzel. If you’ve been reading FH for a while, you’ll know that I am a big supporter of all things Van Go Lion and would even go so far as to say that they have yet to make a misstep in their rapidly-growing music career. From the made-for-an-80s-soundtrack brilliance of “The Ache” to their dark house-y debut single “Body Moves” to the straight-up poptastic eargasm that is “We Don’t Miss A Beat”, these guys have kept fans constantly guessing their next musical direction. I had dinner with Amy over the summer at gay dining hotspot Elmo and spent the entire time laughing my nads off to the point where I am now nadless. I’ve been lucky enough to be privy to many of Van Go Lion’s songs before their release, but had only heard a remix of their current single “Colors” until last week. The song goes back to the dark house roots of Body Moves and improves on it with a nice deep dance beat and infectious chorus you’ll have in your head for days. Check it out below and download it on the house. (That means ‘free’)

*Van Go Li0n’s music can be purchased online.


Van Go Lion “Colors” (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


Kele Okereke is a UK solo artist and lead singer of wonderfully miserable indie rock band, Bloc Party. While I’ve always been a fan of Kele’s work with Bloc Party over the years, so far his solo career has been hit and miss for me. To be fair, it’s very rare for anyone to do anything for the first time and hit a homerun straight away, so I’ve been eager to hear new music from Kele and couldn’t be more excited for the November release of his upcoming EP “The Hunter”. The first offering from The Hunter comes in the form of a dancetastic duet with a young female artist named Lucy Taylor. The song’s called “What Did I Do?” and it’s a whole lot more fun and upbeat than anything on Kele’s 1st solo album, 2010’s “The Boxer”. As I’ve said many a time, I’m not really a fan of the whole ‘dubstep’ craze that’s swept through the dance music world  in the last few years, but Kele does a great job of mixing some house beats in with the dubstep; making What Did I Do an absolute cracker! I am most certainly diggin it and hopefully you will, too. Check out the video below.

*Kele’s new EP, The Hunter, is out 7 November via Wichita Recordings.


Kele featuring Lucy Taylor “What Did I Do?”

Sara Bareilles Gets Jazzy In “Gonna Get Over You” Video

Sara Bareilles‘ adorable jazzy new video for “Gonna Get Over You” is the perfect homage to the best track off her 3rd album, Kaleidoscope.

Many of you will remember Sara’s cute top 5 hit “Love Song” a few years back; which vaulted her to way-overplayed heights not seen since Paula Cole’s hit song “I Don’t Want To Wait (For Anyone To Wax My Armpits)” back in 1998. Since then, Bareilles hasn’t come anywhere near having a song on the radio as popular as “Love Song” but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t released any great songs (see Bottle It Up; Gravity).

In a rare twist of record industry norms, Epic Records has decided to release a new single off Bareilles’ 3rd album, Kaleidoscope Heart, called “Gonna Get Over You” almost 10 months since the release of her last single. These days, unless you’re Lady Gaga, record labels tend to give up on an album after just a couple of singles, and many artists have actually been given the pink slip and released from their record contract after having two consecutive non-performing singles (sometimes less).

While Sara’s songwriting isn’t yet on par with some of her contemporaries in the world of singer-songwriters, her voice is as good or better than 99% of female singers making music today. Yes, you read that correctly. Those pipes are every bit as powerful as divas such as Kelly Clarkson and it all comes together perfectly with some jazzy swagger on her new single Gonna Get Over You. (Did I really just call Kelly Clarkson a diva?)

In my opinion, Gonna Get Over You was biggest no-brainer of a hit-waiting-to-happen and should’ve been the lead single off Kaleidoscope Heart. The video is every bit as wonderful as the song and, apart from anything else, looks as though it was a blast to make.

Give it spin and fall in love.

*Sara Bareilles’ 3rd album, Kaleidoscope, is out now via Epic Records.!/sarabareilles


Sara Bareilles “Gonna Get Over You”

Lou Engle Wins Hide & Seek; Finds God At Walmart

“Prophet” Lou Engle has made a career out of communicating with god and has just found him shopping in the most unlikely of places: Walmart.

For those of you that hadn’t noticed, we’re in the middle of a recession here in the US; forcing many of us to pinch our pennies more than ever and look for discounts at every opportunity. To ease the financial pain, many people seem to like to go to church to pray their troubles away and find god.

Well what would you say if I told you that there’s a place where you can find great everyday items (made by Chinese infants for pennies per day) at unbeatable prices AND find god at the SAME time?!

I dunno about you, but this is a level of killing-two-birds-with-one-stone that sounds almost too good to believe in. Allow me to explain..

Meet Lou Engle. Lou is ‘an American charismatic Christian leader’ and ‘prophet’ best known (to me) for praising the government of Uganda in its efforts to criminalize and kill gay people back in 2010…and then later condemning (small ‘c’) the Ugandan government for threatening violence towards gays. (Interesting how Engle characterizes murder as ‘violence’.. but that’s just semantics, right?)

He’s also known for taking it anally for the first time on camera as evidenced by the picture above..oops..I mean..

He’s also known for being vehemently against abortion, and has recently been found verbally masturbating Jane Porter’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’ in OH, which (as we discussed a few days ago) would criminalize abortions in a majority of cases.

In the midst of one of his anti-abortion speeches in Toledo, OH last week, Engle paused to tell a heartwarming story that involved his daughter racing around inside a local Walmart, falling and cracking her head open..or something. He spoke of holding her bleeding head for a little while and then having an epiphany..

He says: “I didn’t understand it until just this moment that that’s how God feels for every baby.”

Next, he told a story about a girl who planned to have an abortion until she found a ‘LIFE wristband’ in a Walmart parking lot; leading him to make one of the best and most ridiculous comments this side of Michele Bachmann by saying:

“God has something to say to us in Walmart parking lots, prayer is moving this nation!”

Wow. Who knew that you could buy hostess cupcakes and Hanes underwear at unbeatable prices and THEN walk outside and have a conversation with god on the way to your car?

I dunno about you, but I know where I’m going this weekend..


LOVES being in back of Carol Channing lookalikes at Stop & Plop who pay for their ENTIRE shopping cart with coupons and ask questions about each one before it’s been scanned. Yes, bitch, you get 45 whole cents off your special olive oil in the phallic bottle.

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