Models Can’t Fuck; The Moor; & Johan Reinhold are The Hotness!

Models Can’t Fuck; The Moor; and John Reinhold are today’s feature artists on The Hotness, a daily look at 3 songs that are amazing, essential and sure to make you horny.

Models Can’t Fuck is the (amazing) recording moniker of Hungarian solo artist, Árpi Szarvas; who seems to have a penchant for playing in bands with awesome names, including Evil Men Have No Songs. Just when I think I’ve heard every possible way to describe someone’s style of music, someone like Models Can’t Fuck comes up with something new; in this case “discogaze”. Regardless of what category you’d like to place his music in, I dare you to call it anything other than ACE. Taking cues from everyone from Broadcast to Stereolab to even Kraftwerk, Models Can’t Fuck’s debut EP contains the best 3 songs that UK’s Doves never made, complete with smooth low folkish vocals, production blips and bleeps and gorgeous harmonizing of great lyrics such as “I want to move to Iceland to forget about everything we used to do.” My favorite track out of the 3 on on his new EP “Move To Iceland” is called Give It Time; which features a little new wave to go with all of the aforementioned production perks. Make sure to check out that song below and then download the “Move To Iceland” EP.

PS: How fucking incredible is his recording name?!

*Models Can’t Fuck’s new EP “Move To Iceland” is available to download for F-R-E-E via BandCamp.


Models Can’t Fuck “Give It Time” (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


The Moor is an LA-based musical and romantic duo comprised of Josiah Steinbrick and singer, Erica Daking. Originally from Providence and New York respectively, Josiah and Erica’s debut album was just recently released and I’ve really been digging it of late. It could be Erica’s sexy girlish vocals, but for some reason I keep being reminded of both Canadian band, Metric, and sister duo, The Pierces, while listening to The Moor’s music. I don’t want to give any of you the wrong idea, however, as The Moor’s music isn’t in the slightest bit as new wave-y or upbeat as that of Metric’s, nor is it folkish like that of The Pierces, but there’s something similar about the songwriting that reminds me of both those bands that I can’t quite put my finger on. I suppose it’s entirely possible that I have no fucking idea what I’m talking about and therefore you’re just going to have to find out for yourself exactly why I dig The Moor so much. I mean for fuck’s sake, the album clocks in at less than 30 minutes and what are you really doing for the next 30 minutes if you’re not spending it discovering a new band to tell your friends that you liked before anyone else? Oh and guess what? The album is less than 5 dollars on iTunes! 5 whole dollars! If you’re a smoker trying to quit (as you should), why not spend 5 dollars on new music as opposed to your nasty habit? (I used to smoke, so I know what I’m talking about..) Ok, well it looks like my work here is done. Before you ‘virtually’ tell me to go fuck myself, do me a favor and download the songs “Warm Winter” and “You’ll See” below, capiche? I’ll go fuck myself after.

*The Moor’s self-titled debut album is out now (and only $4.99!) via Dilettante Recordings.


The Moor “Warm Winter” (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


The Moor “You’ll See” (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


Johan Reinhold is a Swedish Grammy-nominated solo artist who counts David Bowie, Portishead, Daft Punk, Miike Snow, Air, Lykke Li, Bon Iver, Broken Bells and The Flaming Lips among the artists that influence him. Whew..I’m exhausted just *writing* all of those names.. Anyway, last weekend I tweeted about how much I truly appreciate when an artist (or anyone for that matter) takes the time to send a personalized email. Well, Johan sent me a lovely little email on Sunday and here I am already writing about his music a few days later. Before I get to Johan’s great new single, Shoot Me Down, let me first just say a little bit more about his successful ‘marketing’ approach because I think it’s something that in a perfect world ALL artists would adopt. Whether I ended up agreeing or disagreeing with the list of artists Johan compared his music to, he included an artist list so different stylistically that I became immediately intrigued to hear which one he actually may have sounded like. For the record, the answer is none of them, but that’s not the point! Oh and while I don’t usually quote the bio of an artist, the first line of Johan’s bio is brilliant: “Once in every generation someone comes along and changes everything. Johan Reinhold is not that someone, but he met the woman once…” Funny! Ok, now a little about his music. “Shoot Me Down” features an effective guitar riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Motley Crew ballad from 1987 (but in a good way!). His vocals are soothing and the chorus is catchy to the point where I can envision a bunch of drunk guys gathered around a jukebox singing it at the top of their lungs. I really really like it and I think many of you will too. Listen to “Shoot Me Down” below and then, if you have any sense, download it for F-R-E-E!

*Johan Reinhold is currently working on his new album and I’ll keep you posted on a release date.


Johan Reinhold “Shoot Me Down” (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


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