Sunday Girl, Marina & The Diamonds and Anna Abreu are The Hotness!

Sunday Girl, Marina & The Diamonds and Anna Abreu are today’s feature artists on The Hotness, a daily look at 3 songs that are amazing, essential and sure to make you horny.

Sunday Girl is the recording moniker of solo artist, Jade Williams; who is the latest in a line of up-n-coming female pop singers in the UK, including Florrie, Natalia Kills, etc. She came onto my map back in 2010 with her Diplo-produced track Four Floors and since then I’ve been following her music closely through the release of several subsequent singles. I’ve enjoyed her previous singles, but none of them even hold a candle to the level of perfection she’s struck with her latest single “Love U More”. The song is a cover of a 1992 hit by Sunscreem and features absolutely everything I could want in a song going into autumn; including lyrics that tug at your heartstrings and production that recalls mid-to-late 90s eurohouse anthems such as Angelmoon’s “He’s All I Want”. If you’ve been following the site in the last couple of weeks you’ll know that this time of year tends to get a little emotional for me. Considering I’m the type of guy that enjoys his freedom and loves being single, autumn is always oddly a bit tough and makes me long for a little companionship. “Love U More” is the type of track that’ll  make you miss being in love, but still have you dancing around your room singing the words at the top of your lungs. I’ve had it ON REPEATTTTTTTTT for the last week or so and I’m sure you will all do the same upon listening to it below.

*Sunday Girl’s new single “Love U More” is out 30 October via Geffen Records.


Sunday Girl “Love U More”

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Marina & The Diamonds is the recording name of UK solo artist, Marina Diamandis, and one of my favorite new artists of the last couple of years. I made my fondness for Marina’s music well known last year when I ranked her debut album “The Family Jewels” as the #6 best album of 2010. From what I can gather, Marina was pretty puzzled as to why that near-perfect album didn’t end up resonating in the form of chart sucesss last year. Well, I’m pretty sure that’s about to change. No matter how much she says that she doesn’t care about chart success, the first few singles she’s released from her upcoming 2nd album “Electra Heart” have been by far her most radio-ready songs to date. To be honest, I was initially a little disappointed by both the ballad “Fear & Loathing” and the electropoppy “Radioactive” as they both seemed to lack any of the slight edge of Marina’s previous singles. But but BUT a new song leaked last week called “Scab & Plaster” that, while it still may lack a bit of that aforementioned edge, is one of the most pop-perfect songs Marina has ever recorded . Like many of my favorite songs, Scab & Plaster features a few different choruses, as well as Marina’s trade mark gorgeous voice and clever lyric play. I’m pretty sure you will all be diggin this one! Check it out below.

*Marina & The Diamonds’ latest single “Radioactive” is released on 3 October and her 2nd album “Electra Heart” will be out this fall via Atlantic.


Marina & The Diamonds “Scab And Plaster”

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Anna Abreu is a Finnish pop singer who came into the public eye after winning Finnish Idol a few years back. I have no idea how I stumbled upon Anna’s music, but I was pretty addicted to her 4th album “Rush” upon its release this past spring. “Rush” is song-for-song one of the top 10 best pop albums of the year, featuring ace single “Hysteria” and a whole slew of radio-ready dance pop anthems jam packed with simple-yet-effective lyrics about love, obsession and more. Her new single is called “Stereo” and while it’s not one of my favorite tracks on the album, the video for the song is scandalous in a way that only Scandinavians seem to be able to get away with. It even features dancing nuns! Check it out below.

*Anna Abreu’s 4th album “Rush” is out now via Sony.

Anna Abreu “Stereo”

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