Artist Of The Day: The Horrors “Still Life” (VIDEO)

The Horrors are one of the best bands making music these days. They’re from the UK and made up of sexy genius Faris Badwan, Joshua Hayward, Tom Cowan, Rhys Webb and Joseph Spurgeon and they’re just about to release their 3rd album “Skying”.

A couple of years ago, The Horrors were responsible for choice for Album Of The Year with their masterpiece “Primary Colours”. What I love most about these guys is the versatility they’ve coupled with their vast musicianship and created 3 albums that are all totally different from one another but still very ‘them’.

The Horrors came onto the scene a few years ago with their disturbingly brilliant and under 2 minute video for their goth punk single “Sheena Is A Parasite”. I remember being so intrigued by the total mindfuck that the song sent me through back then and new these guys were going to be a force to be reckoned with.

They followed up their debut album with the shoegaze-y beauty of “Primary Colours” and have now taken their dark sound and added some synths to the mix but still somehow done a 180 with their sound to create their latest essential album “Skying”. If you’re a fan of Joy Division, The Cure, Nick Cave and possibly even Depeche Mode, you should give The Horrors a spin. Faris’ deep and dark vocals are an acquired taste that I’m actually pretty surprised I’ve taken to as much as I have considering I tend to like my male vocalists with a little more of a Euro-indie voice. But, nevertheless, I’ve fallen in love with him and his voice.

My favorite track off Skying is called “You Said”, but the lead single and music video is for “Still Life”, which you can watch below.

Side note: For more evidence of Faris Badwan’s talent, you MUST check out his 60s-ish side project with opera singer, Rachel Zeffira , called Cat’s Eyes, which I’ve written about before. Excellent. 2011 is shaping up to be the year of Faris Badwan.

*The Horror’s 3rd album, Skying, is out this week on XL Recordings.!/horrorsofficial


The Horrors “Still Life”


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