The Hotness: Hooray For Earth, Foster The People, When Saints Go Machine

The Hotness is your daily look at 3 new songs that are amazing, essential, and are sure to make you horny. Ok, the last part isn’t necessarily true. But if you don’t like at least one of these three songs, you need to check 1) Your testosterone levels 2) Your estrogen levels 3) Your hearing.

Hooray For Earth are a NYC-based band made up of lead singer Noel Heroux, bassist Christopher Principe, guitarist Gary Benacquista and drummer Joseph Ciampini. I was a H-U-G-E fan of their debut EP, Momo, which was released sometime last year, but I’m an even bigger fan of their full-lenth debut album, True Loves, which comes out in a few weeks. True Loves is without question one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year and may even end up rivaling Holy Ghost for my album of the year. I’m a big fan of the Beach Boys and Hooray For Earth blend harmonies and weave pop hooks into their music in a way that’s comparable to both The Beach Boys and even The Beatles. I know that’s a huge statement, but an even bigger one might be that I think comparisons to bands such as Yeasayer, Passion Pit and MGMT are totally lazy because Hooray For Earth is better than all 3 of those bands combined. Their album proves that their first release was no fluke whatsoever unlike some bands (cough, MGMT, cough) and if you don’t buy a copy of their album when it comes out on June 7th, I will personally come find you at work and chain myself to your desk until you go onto iTunes and make the purchase in front of me. Capiche? Nearly impossible to pick a favorite song off True Loves, but the title track is a good place to start. Check it out below.

*Hooray For Earth’s debut album, True Loves, is out 7 June on Dovecote Records.


Hooray For Earth “True Loves”


Foster The People are an LA-based trio consisting of singer Mark Foster, bassist Cubbie Fink and drummer Mark Pontius. Their music is actually very similar to that of Hooray For Earth and, in fact, their debut album Torches is pretty amazing in its own right. When I wrote about them a few weeks ago, some of you actually emailed me asking when Torches would be coming out and I’m happy to report that it will be upon us in exactly one week. Like Hooray For Earth, I’ve heard Foster The People’s music lazily compared to that of MGMT but, again, I think the comparison is unfounded due to Foster The People’s knack for writing bouncy, fun melodies and fuzz-less hooks. Add Torches to the list of albums to have on shuffle at your next barbeque and on your iPod while you’re chillin at the beach this summer. Again, difficult to pick a favorite track on the album, but I’ve chosen “Waste” to kick things off.

*Foster The People’s debut album, Torches, is out 23 May on Sony.


Foster The People “Waste”

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When Saints Go Machine are a Danish electropop group comprised of Silas Moldenhawer (drums), Jonas Kenton (synth, vocals), Simon Muschinsky (keys) and Nicholas Manuel Vonsild (vocals).  I have to be honest that I actually wasn’t all that big a fan of the EP they released earlier this year, but was totally blown away when I heard the lead single off their upcoming 2nd album, Konkylie. The single is called Kelly and it brings to mind a whole host of bands, but for some reason I keep going to back to Australian popsters Van She (who I’m a big fan of). The sound is pure pop and I would be shocked if 90% of you didn’t dig this song right away. I’m extremely interested to hear what Konkylie sounds like when it comes out in a few weeks. Check out Kelly, below.

*When Saints Go Machine’s 2nd album, Konkylie, is out 21 June on !K7 Records.


When Saints Go Machine “Kelly” FREE DOWNLOAD


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