Artist Of The Day: Florrie “Begging Me” (VIDEO)

Today’s Artist of the Day is another one of my favorite new (and unsigned) artists; a beautiful young woman named Florrie.

Florrie is not new to music geeks like moi, but chances are there’s a good portion of you, here in the states, that haven’t heard of this gorgeous pop pixie. She came to notoriety in the UK as the touring drummer for major pop acts such as Girls Aloud and Pet Shop Boys and was the in-house drummer for production house, Xenomania. But it’s been within the last couple of years that her own star has begun to blossom thanks to a string of pop masterpieces such as Call 911, Panic Attack, You Wanna Start Something and (my #1 most played song of 2010) Give Me Your Love; all available to download for free via Florrie’s website.

On her site, she also has a very honest and insightful piece called “My Plans and Why I Haven’t Signed” which is basically about her reasoning behind self-releasing all of her own music.

Her talent is big and there’s something very special about the fact that she plays guitar, drums etc as, sadly, these days in the world of pop you’re lucky to find someone who actually sings their own tunes, much less plays their own instruments. Her sound is very pop, but there’s nothing remotely obnoxious about her songs whatsoever and, while her music is quite simple on the surface, repeated listens uncover solid lyrical depth and hooks that are more effective than the vast majority of pop acts making music today.

To that end, Florrie’s new single Begging Me took me longer than any of her other songs to get into, but has rewarded me more and more with every spin I’ve given it. Her new EP is due out in a few weeks and I seriously hope you’ll all support her as much as I do.

Take a look at the video for Begging Me, below, and then have a look at her adorable video for Give Me Your Love below that. Enjoy!

*Florrie’s new single, Begging Me, is available for purchase via iTunes worldwide & her new EP will be out this spring.!/florriemusic





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